OK .. this is how my kids surprised me!

THIS IS HOW THEY DID IT ! (My kids surprise visit)untitled (55)

After a morning of moving an old sofa out and new one in.. my place is an absolute chaos ( what were the odds.. that I would get company? ) I turn to girlfriend that helped and said “lets go for lunch then I’ll come back and clean up here”.

Just a few things

We do a leisurely lunch and then a stop at supermarket where I text my daughter back in Canada for ingredients in a salad. I am going to make it that day for the potluck here in the park.

Five minutes later she calls me asking for my exact address (none of my kids have been here yet) . I ask “did you get my text?” She says “no, but you need to get home right away”.. because UPS  is delivering something that needs my signature and what is my exact address ? (I never thought it weird they called her in Canada because I am expecting a new Credit card from my bank.. old one was compromised!).

images043HCZH2I ask for ingredients for salad in case her text doesn’t come through (she had said she’d text them). I wander around store and she calls again .. “are you on your way?” I say “yes after I finish shopping” .. she says ” you have to go now because they are awaiting your signature”.. oh crap!

When I turn into my street I am a little pissy because there is no UPS  truck! Ah well I go to end of street and turn around to go back and take imagesVG00CEAQgirlfriend home and she points out a Corvette tucked beside my place on the gravel, kinda hidden. (she was in on it the whole time and she could’ve at least tried to straighten up my chaos before we left..! geeze)

Ok .. I cannot even compute what the Corvette is about..  thoughts  start racing  through my head though. The UPS truck was supposed to be here.. did they deliver a Corvette that maybe my son bought as a surprise for me (not a new one). Add delusional to my list of attributes .. I jumped out to inspect if anyone is inside it .. still blissfully not connecting any kinda dots!!!

Ugly cry... not me
Ugly cry… not me

No one is inside and I am so confused but excited too.. about the car. I look up and there standing ten feet away is my son and daughter-in-law.. OMG ! I am so overwhelmed with emotion that I start bawling like a freaking baby(I always cry when I get emotional) this turns into the ugly cry because I truly am missing my kids sooooo much!

After the hugging and blubbering are all over and I settle down.. somewhat.. I look at the car again and say kinda wistfully .. so does this untitled (54)mean the Corvette is not for me? (turns out it is the Ex’s car and he let them use it) ah well.. they got me good and believe me when I say it is hard to put one over on me!

Turns out they have been driving around for an hour trying to find my place .. thinking.. there can’t be a gated adult park in the middle of this industrial area. Oh  yes there is.. we are pretty much under a freeway..  beside a train station.. and at the end of our connected street is a municipal airport and.. and.. an air force base!

images4NGPT5NBYep .. trains .. planes.. and automobile.. oh and don’t forget the hated trucks with JAKE  brakes..we have it all !!

oh.. and my kids are a big hit at the pot luck! Hmmm… anyone young is a huge hit here …

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