Number ONE and most important! I am NOT GOING to give up the foods I love, especially in January the most inhospitable month of the year. Name something good about January? See… I rest my case.

This is the only month of the year that is really boring and cold and full of the letdown from the excitement of Xmas and New Years. Throw in new years resolutions to cut out sweets, exercise more, and eat healthy and you may as well stick needles in your eyes. The pain of January’s lost causes, on top of it being just a miserable month, couldn’t be any much worse.

these chocolates are 'the best' from England
these chocolates are ‘the best from England

I intend to eat all the leftover chocolate and Xmas baking (well I didn’t do any baking so I may have to go buy some). Ok, so it wasn’t all leftover, I did stock up on chocolate inadvertently while I was in SHOPPERS DRUG MART. See pictures, well crap, it was all 70 to 80% off!!

warning: this is the best fudge you will ever eat and it is addictive!!
warning: this is the best fudge you will ever eat and it is addictive!!

The butter fudge (see pic) is to die for! I got a girlfriend hooked on it, actually, she is the one that alerted me to the sale at Shoppers, ok so the ‘inadvertently’ was an outright lie, I went there specifically to get that chocolate, busted!

Don’t forget to throw in something juicy and buttery or even just fry up some bacon? This way we build up a repertoire of tasty memories we made in January and can look forward to in Januaries to come.

Writing that last bit made me hungry so I took a break to check out my freezer and spied something buttery and juicy. Those shrimp (see pic) were ready in no time at all (8 minutes on 400 degrees) and are resting comfortably in my body where they are safe from anyone less discerning than I.

the shrimp were too shy for pictures they are hiding inside me.
the shrimp were too shy for pictures they are hiding inside me.

Number TWO: I am NOT GOING to make it to the gym EVER, uh uh. I have been living here for over three years and I have a pool and a gym at my disposal. My standing remark about going to the pool most days is that I am working my way up to the gym. That stops here and now, nope not happening!

My remark about working my way up to the gym is for the gym people, you know the ones. They look at you and you can see them thinking ‘there’s a person that sure needs to work out’ while I look at them and think ‘there’s someone that could use a little happy in their life’ while saying “I’m working my way up to the gym.

From this day forward I am going to say “I quit working my way up to the gym,  I just want to be happy.”  Let’s face this honestly, have you ever seen happy people smiling and working out? me either. It’s just not worth a smug “I worked out today” nobody really cares if you worked out anyway unless you hurt yourself, and that makes us even happier that we didn’t!

Number THREE: I am NOT GOING to wear my skinny clothes again (see One and TWO). It is time to come to grips with that little gem. I started loaning out my cute little dresses to friends saying I’ll get it back when I lose a few pounds.

Well, let’s face it, or should we? This is going to be the hardest decision of all, eating the chocolate was a no-brainer. Not going to the gym just saved a lot of pain and anguish and I am still enjoying the chocolate. But giving away my skinny clothes.. hmmm

Let’s be honest here, this is not the first set of skinny clothes for most of us. It also doesn’t get any easier the second time around and for those who have even more and you know who I am, it is still painful.

There is hope though, they say as you age you lose weight, so if I live to be a hundred I might be able to wear them again. Will my social life at a hundred need all those cute little dresses and jeans I wonder? btw, they were never really little, but cute nonetheless, but I digress.

Na.. throw them out. I will buy new clothes when I turn 100. I’ll also pick up some chocolates at Shoppers Drug mart and K-Y lubricant while I’m at it because hopefully, that part of my life will still be going strong.

Fortunately, I don’t have to make a disclaimer here if my kids are reading this, they put it in my stocking this year although I don’t need it yet, ok information overload sorry/not sorry… bahaha and there you have it 2016 here I come. Happy New Year

copyright December 2015


stuff from my xmas stocking
stuff from my Xmas stocking