highway from hell to ‘Laughing’ Nevada

imagesUFP1FEUNVegas looms up ahead and I frantically searched for my iPhone and turned on my data.. don’t care.. this is serious! This route through Vegas on my way to Laughlin or Arizona never gets old.. just more confusing. Maybe it is my age or maybe it is the new roads and construction which is never-ending here.

Siri takes way too long to come online and when she does I bark at her ..”SIRI.. I NEED directions to Laughlin Nevada!!” Siri is calm and cool as she is finding me directions to Laughing Nevada.. I failed to see the humour in this. Did I mention that driving through Vegas makes me want to vomit?

The whole days driving (10 hours) from Jackpot went from not good to what the hell am I doing.. right after Ely. The kid at McDonalds (yes I eat there once in awhile)  said one of the two routes had road hazards, I opted for the route that was an hour longer in order to take the safe way around.

I didn’t notice how alone I was until the narrow road started filling up with snow .. I knew that this road had no shoulders either! I didn’t realize how forlorn this landscape was until it became a distinct possibility that I might end up a part of it!

There comes a time in your life when you wonder if those friends are right.. ‘should you be driving alone?’ comes to mind. I don’t scare easily but this was a situation that needed me to shake off that feeling .. it was  threatening to engulf me. To compromise my safety by ditching my car in this forlorn place all alone .. really?

Slowing down to a crawl improved my chances of not getting hurt if I ditched it, then giving myself a ‘pep talk’ which also helped. My rearview mirror showed I was still traveling S (that’s south in car language). My only thoughts at this time are ‘well as long as I’m going south, I will drive out of this mess’.

The thing that gets me is .. why did I take that road? Always follow the big rigs.. they know .. they just do! That was my own fault, I should have been more aware that there was absolutely no traffic going this way.

The irony of my flippant face book post about deep sixing my boots and donning sandals did not escape me. Going S finally paid off and the snow disappeared and I gave a HUGE sigh of relief.

All this was behind me as I ventured onto the Las Vegas freeway with Siri as my guide.

This scene never changes and I never get used to it. Making my way on this freeway to get out on the other side makes me want to vomit .. ok .. so it bears repeating.

I need exit number 42 Siri informs me while passing exit 48. I situate myself to be ready for this exit but it never fails to surprise me as the exit 42 sign shows up along with exit 44.

I grit my teeth and follow arrows for exit 42 but I know this is crucial because it forks off and I need to stay left and enter a ‘waterslide tunnel ‘ made of all metal…well it does look like it is all metal, I swear! This is a single lane only..  curved into a circle with a sign of a truck tipping over if you go too fast.

This tunnel that is open at the top, is geared to spit me out onto four exit lanes, at top speeds,imagesUFP1FEUN at the height of rush hour (well maybe I exaggerated there but it is two exit lanes for sure!!) I need to veer across these exit lanes ..  a small white truck ahead of me is trying to get across as well.

He is hesitant but finally noses in .. ahhhh  a fellow scardy-cat like me ! So I speed up and nose in ahead of him knowing he will sympathize with me. I silently thank him and say a small prayer as I try to make my way across another twenty lanes.. to settle into the second lane from the fastest passing lane… whew..!!!!!!

The vomit settles back into my stomache and I reach over and put Siri back to bed, effectively turning off my data. All this torture happens to me because I am geographically challenged. When faced with a freeway entrance that says east and west I want to scream out I AM GOING SOUTH DAMMIT!!!

I am in Laughing Nevada .. I think I will spend two nights here. I hope I will be happy when I leave….



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  1. Glad you made it through the snow and have a good trip the rest of the way. Don’t spend to much money in Vegas 🙂

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