This one is ‘juicy’ (I’m counting on it…)


Well seems there are no limits to what I want to try and put myself through. Has anyone seen ‘Fat, sick and nearly Dead’ the story of Joe Cross an Australian that wentjuicer on a 60 day juice fast and lost 60 pounds.? It is on Hulu or Netflix (a documentary) very interesting and informative.

I have tried every diet there is to lose weight and get healthy..  the worst one being the lemon juice and cayenne pepper diet. That one just about killed me and I mean I was very sick and had such a headache I thought my head would explode. That one lasted six hours.. I know, but it felt like a lifetime!

Being my age..  I have a lot of failed weight-loss disasters.. under my belt.. so to speak..loll.

Does this mean I am finished with all that nonsense? If you said yes then I guess that would be the sensible answer but I am not sensible in the least when it comes to taking care of myself. Sooooo lets try a few more things .. nothing ventured nothing gained (uh oh.. that was a poor choice of words..hmmm).

Prickly pear juice .. yum

The cactus juice (prickly pear juice) seems to be helping me along on this latest journey (start of my new years resolution) to being healthy. I am not getting on the band wagon just yet for this new nectar I am trying but I did run out of it and have ordered more. I have lost some weight and I have more energy (cutting down on nap My new bicycle gets me to the pool and back most days.

 I have been eating sensibly the last month but feel I need a little boost. I bought a juicer the other day (the prices have come down considerably on these machines!)

The nutrients you get from a juicer are supposedly incredible and you could not eat that much fruit and vegetables in a day. So I am off to go buy some good green stuff to put into it. Seems like buying the juicer was a no brainer but what to put into it is causing me a brain short-circuit! I am not into disgusting.. so no green vile tasting stuff for me.

Ok what else can I use? Fruits are easy but every recipe I look up calls for apples.. I am in citrus country for crying out loud.. ! Did I put the horse before the cart I apple wrinkledwonder as I Google recipes for juicing? I don’t want a juice fast.. just some good recipes to replace food for a couple days .. or just one day.

Giving my mouth a much needed rest can’t hurt either .. can it? Well I can still talk with my fingers (thank goodness), like right here on this blog.. too bad this doesn’t count as exercise, the complete opposite in fact, because I am sitting. I just want to jumpstart a new week once in awhile and besides I have never tried juicing.

Ok..  so..  I fell off the ‘goody two shoes’ wagon with a vengeance yesterday.(I know .. it happened last week too) How is it once we make the wrong decisions about what to eat it is like a domino effect .. ah well I ate that I may as well have this and what the hell.. I’ve really done it now, so a little bit of that can’t hurt either.

my cheesecakeLow and behold it is finally bedtime.. thank goodness.. an end to whatever has taken control of our good intentions and trashed our body for what purpose? Hmmm .. well that cheesecake was exquisite .. well the first piece was more so than the third… and once you have broken THAT barrier well.. all bets are off !

Now where was I.. oh right.. the juicer. Well apparently I am under the impression it will be my salvation for the crimes against my body moonyesterday. That doesn’t mean I am going to punish myself.. aaahhh  look what writing it down did! Maybe it is my punishment, we’ll see.

Thank goodness for yet again.. another tomorrow.. they are just so full of yesterdays aren’t they? And will you look at today..  I can’t wait to try out my new juicer! And check out my view this morning.. a new full moon and it is only 7:30 am !

Ps: after going through my posts I think my cheesecake making days should be put on hold for awhile… don’t you? and are you sick of me talking about diets yet? And this too shall pass, I am coming up to an exciting event in my life and I can’t hardly wait to share it with all of you.