The good .. the bad.. and the ugly (I am all of these)

Not really
Not really

The good part is that I was born perfect.. I wasn’t overweight, too fat or too bossy. Well maybe I wasn’t the cutest kid on the block, actually.. my mom cried when she saw me and thought they gave her the wrong baby. I was all dark hair and looked like a monkey (her words) they needed to pull me out, so my head was all crooked and my face was pretty much marked up.

My mom decided not to wash me or bath me because at that time there was a fad going around about just oiling up your baby’s tender skin.. no harsh soaps. After awhile I guess I didn’t smell good either. The more I write this down I’m thinking hmmm.. maybe my self doubts started with me being born ugly and smelly?

Now the good part.. I was the oldest and therefore the smartest too. What the heck happened along the way to thMOC1T463make me insecure and think I was fat in my teenage years? Lord,lordy.. can I please have those years back? I was not hard to look at either but I sure didn’t know that at the time.

Well maybe that wasn’t the good part. Having six siblings come after me wasn’t the good either .. the constant fighting and bickering (that was my mom and dad).

Locking my siblings in a closet must have been good but sooner or later we (my brother and myself)  had to let them out before mom got home. Now that was bad, but I don’t remember that .. my sister told that story to everyone! She was very insecure and hated me.

Here is my theory, all that dieting takes a toll and contributed to my body keeping every fat cell I ever made, just in case I want to go off on another purge. We are a pretty intelligent lot, and I am speaking for all women here. We KNOW a lot of stuff.. we know about nutrition and calories and fat and exercise, just don’t know how to apply it to ourselves .. loll.

We all have will power, we have lots of will power, we all gave up smoking didn’t we? Oh.. and we show remarkable th8M909QRPself restraint from hurting our spouses although they certainly test us! For some getting along with in-laws is a  real test of fortitude as well.

So here I am..  a highly intelligent and evolved human being and having problems with my health and weight.. geez. This is not rocket science, I know what is good to eat and what is not. We have no problem advising our significant others on their eating habits as well as our kids (friends too, but I digress).

We certainly wouldn’t feed all the junk we eat to our kids.. hell no. We are nurturers after all, but I guess we need to be nurtured too. How do we do that I wonder? And ..and.. why can’t we have what we want, who cares anyway? That is the ugly part.. we eat and we don’t care and we don’t exercise enough and we just don’t care.

th29DINYJJWe care about our loved ones so why can’t we care about ourselves? Men don’t obsess over their weight and working out. Do we love them any less if they are fat or lazy? Do you have a fat and lazy friend that you like.. and do you like her less than your skinny friend, and is that first one me.. well is it?

This is the way it is, if you are my friend I like you for yourself. You are probably funny, smart and interesting and I value your point of view and what you have to say. I learn from you and I laugh with you and life is just better knowing you.

There is this friend made at a catering conference.. she is funny, smart and witty and not afraid to post unflattering pictures of herself on Facebook. I love that she does that and it makes me envious. I’m not crazy about pictures of myself and I think it is time to change that.. don’t you? That my friends is the ugly part of me.

We really need to accept the good, the bad and the ugly.. and get on with it. Maybe we should all post our ugly pictures and be done with it.. bath7A5UJ9HJhahahaha

Have you ever heard someone say that a person was too fat or too skinny when that person died.. so lets just kill off that whole shitty attitude! We are smart and funny and we have so much to give and share. Perfect is for those people that are unsatisfied with their life.. I like myself and I like you my friend…..

thNEEI9Y38I hope to lose some weight and work out.. (I know.. but I am making an effort) I need to for my health. You will not like me any more or any less because of my weight, unless you are my brother.. he is the only one that has a problem with my weight. He is shallow that way, but I like him anyway, I let him live didn’t I?

So there you have it .. the good and the bad and the ugly, we are all imperfectly perfect in our own ways.