another ‘tooth’ story..

imagesXP80HP2PWho needs dental work done? I have a spare room with a bathroom and for a price I will put you up for a week. I will also drive you to my dentist in Mexico and pick you up. I am sorely tempted to do this if our dollar keeps taking a nosedive. What the heck is going on?

I finished up with my dental work yesterday getting two implants. My dentist did this in his new office.. he now has two. This is a beautiful brand spanking new place that is roomy and bright with white marble tile floors. I didn’t even want to walk on them they were so sparkling clean.

The equipment is the latest and newest and his chairs are the most comfortable yet! he uses this office mostly for implants although he will do other work in here,as well, if the other office gets too booked.. Avidon, his assistant tells me all this.

His assistant is somewhat of a joker, upon seeing me he said the Dr. will see you soon for your six extractions.. well I nearly had an attack … whew! He was kidding, but I was so anxious I walked right into his little joke. It doesn’t matter how many times I see my dentist I will never settle down completely.

imagesQHPNL6E8This time was no better, after I got all my needles for freezing, they left me alone to let the freezing ‘take’ and wait for me to finish crying. Waw, I am a baby.. a senior citizen babyboomer .. bawling, chickenshit, scaredy-cat .. all of these aptly apply to me, oh man.. get this over with! Once they left me alone I quieted down and I made my peace with God.. just in case, you never know .. maybe I could have a heart attack .

I always figure the worst case scenario,  if I can live with that then I settle down and relax. This is me only.. has nothing to do with my  dentist.. if I go under anesthetic in a hospital I naturally think that I won’t come out of it, because I will like it too much in la la land…

I am so impressed with all the new state of the art equipment, and very happy that Dr. Arturo Beltran Castillo (Castle Dental) chooses to stay on top of all the latest technology. Not only the ongoing training and learning but also equipment and keeping his clients comfort in mind as well.

Dr. Arturo Beltran Castillo (it helps he is so good lessons the pain.

After all my tears subside, he comes in and gets to work. Two hours later I am finished and out of Mexico.. my prescription for happy pills and antibiotics (16.00) in hand. The implants are 800.00 each and when I come back for the implant crowns.. it will be another 400.00 each.

This has been a journey, but by the end of April I will have a full set of nice teeth that will outlast me I’m sure..

How much does an implant cost back home I wonder.. and how can I make some money so the dwindling dollar doesn’t hurt me so much? I know.. I will be the tooth fairy’s helper.. anyone needing dental work call me.. let’s talk..

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  1. Is the offer still open for lodging while having dental work done?

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