Story-building at the lake..

gazebo tattersThe storm last night killed my gazebo! It looks like my table just barely survived, I need to re-attach the legs, I hope I am not too late. We have been getting some heavy duty weather here.

The raccoons seemed to have disappeared as have the traps the DNR set up, I wonder if they caught them? The big orange wild cat is nowhere to be seen.. but he could be sowing his oats somewhere. I sure hope so, at least one of us is getting lucky.

The Shell Lake ‘Hay Days’ looked to be another success if crowds are any indication.  A young 19 yr old gal named Stephanie Rose from Debden, serenaded us with her singing outside on the patio at the golf course Diner. She actually has an album out and sang some cover songs as well as her own original music.. I was impressed, she is really good!

The Diner there has the best burgers, in fact THE best burger I have eaten anywhere in a long while. If you are in the area you should try it.. delicious. The parade was a hit, my relates from up on the hill were responsible for the Museums float.

Two of my young cousins (twins) work at the Shell Lake Museum. The place is not that busy that they needed two employees, the girls just worked out a summer job deal of ‘two for one’. We are a pretty inventive lot here.

The girls had camp all week and were only working weekends so it fell to the grandparents to build the float, for the parade. The girls parents worked all week as well, so they were no help either.FullSizeRender

The grandparents (my first cousin, her hubby and her sister) started the float project until grampa decided half way through that his own magical ideas were so much better, so the gals quietly bowed out and let him finish it … bahahaha, fairy tales are alive and well here, your welcome.

IMG_5104We, as grandparents, quietly do a lot for our kids. We are the glue that holds everything together. Well.. sometimes we come ‘unglued’ but for the most part we are pretty sticky. Truth be told though, no one is ever going to give us our due.. until we are not here anymore.

Our parents were always here for us..(well ok, so mine was a single mom raising all of us). I don’t think we really grasped the significance of how we were all a piece of this big huge family web.

They would mediate or maybe sometimes instigate, intentional or otherwise all sorts of funny, happy, or even sometimes sad situations. Memories and stories.. wow..  the stories. My mom and my Aunt gave Echo Bay its name.. they even wrote a song about it.

Now where was I .. oh right.. grandparents! That we didn’t give more respect to our parents and spend more time with them is too bad. I don’t speak for all of us but for myself, when they die a piece of us dies with them.

On the bright side of this is the memories they made for us.. and we in turn are doing so for our kids. I have taught my nieces, nephews and all the little cousins to call me ‘Oh Beautiful One’ not because I am beautiful (ok so we are all goddesses in our own heads lol) but because I don’t want them to forget me..

FullSizeRenderI irritate and agitate and do my best to leave a lasting impression on these little moldable humans .. they aren’t soon going to forget me. I like to say the unexpected and even provoke a few howls. Who wants to be predictable, who even remembers predictable?

I told little Sophie when she asked what the knives were for that I was holding, that I was going to carve her heart out.  She looked at me.. nonplussed.. considered the source, and shrugged her shoulders. (they all know not to ask me stupid questions, but sometimes they forget). I went on to tell her I would teach her how to carve some animals out of vegetables this summer.. if she lets me get near her with a knife now..

Life really isn’t so complicated .. we are only just a story in the making.. when you string them all together you have the narrative for a totally amazing life.. or ..  you are just another boring story in somebodies head, that is.. if they remember you at all.writeyour own story