Judy .. Dear Judy, a letter to my American friend

Dear Judy

images (103)We are best friends in Arizona, where I spend my winters. Have I told you that I also feel safe having you as my neighbor to the south? If some bully wants to stage a ‘home invasion’ to steal my ‘candy’ so the speak, I know you will step in to help protect me. We have a lot of  ‘Candy’ here Judy.

Living in the second largest country in the world, only Russia is bigger, we are the SUPERSTORE of ‘raw’ ingredients for any kind of candy you care to make. We even have the nuclear kind that you can go ballistics on!

We place a high value on peace, Judy, although we do have a military as well. We are reluctant to enter ‘confrontations’ but when the freedoms of democracy are at stake.. we will fight to the bitter end, as witnessed in two world wars.

I have always felt good knowing our countries are allies and your country being a ‘Super Power’ doesn’t hurt either. We don’t have a large population, only 35 million while you have 325 million people. That’s a lot of muscle ..  eh Judy?

Our Chinese friends (well we do a lot of commerce and trade with them, even when you didn’t) outnumber us by one billion people though, and that is a lot of muscle too..  don’t you think? (why antagonize them)

The only bullies they have to worry about are their own. They dictate everything .. even to how many children they can have. I admit that I worry just a little bit, do they have enough space for all those people .. and here’s us in the land of plenty.

I think we as humans basically all want the same things.. to live and prosper. Where did it all get so complicated? We do not live in a bubble. We know from our travels we are a diverse lot. It is so important right now Judy, that you and I, as well as our respective fellow countrymen, pick our leaders with care.

I am confident in the one we picked last fall.. I am optimistic of his abilities to promote and protect our values, our liberties, and lead our country into an even better place to live. We build great countries on freedoms and hope.. not confinements and hate!

I would never want to live in a country surrounded by an impenetrable wall. Would it be to keep everyone out and eventually lead to keeping us in?.. I wonder? Didn’t East Germany do that, and how did that work out?

We don’t need bullies.. in the schoolyards, in our homes or in our governments. We need leaders that can negotiate and navigate and placate and lead us to be better!

IN THE END.. Judy, if this delicate world balance should go all to hell (for any reason).. do you think it will be the one with the most toys that wins? If that is the case..  then were they  ‘made in  _ _ _ _ ‘ ?

Happy travels Judy I know you are on a cruise.. be safe.untitled (70)



your Canadian friend