Sticky in Vegas.. honey don’t! Out-takes at Catersource 2018

This should have been designated ‘Year of the Flu’ or the head cold or the snot-filled days of mucus waiting to be expelled. Coughing and blowing my nose turned my belly button from an inney to an outey and my stomach was emulating Braxton Hicks  birthing pains. I was able to fulfil my Ambassador duties only because I am a caterer.

undercover Vegas ‘mafia’ hit men (one is a wanna-be movie mogul)

How to get rid of this dreadful bug.. just pass it on to someone younger and stronger than myself. Truth be told , everyone here was younger and stronger than me. In the end, those getting sick were linked back to Meryl Snow as the ground zero patient.. yessss, I got a free pass, thank you Meryl. Truth be told, there were many sick people there so it was not really a big deal.

Nettie doing Madonna

This conference had all the usual suspects and friends and also friends I had yet to meet. I got re-acquainted with Jackie, Eric and Matthew, Mathew is the nicest person I know and he always ‘mans’ the Catersource info booth.. thank you, Matthew. Emily Ellyn (my friend from 4 years ago) and I ended up one floor apart right by the elevators.. and this was a bonus when planning our work stuff and playtime.. the ‘Sparks’ after party, and celebrating Faustos birthday.

I am using first names only for some to protect the innocent, except Emily, she is an instigator! She is outrageous and not afraid to talk to strangers.. and she reminds me of someone I used to be (well ok maybe I still am .. just a little). She was waiting on her assistant arriving by plane on Sunday. Little did I know assistant ‘Nettie’ would be just a little crazy too, and we would be instant friends as well.

In the end it was Fausto that was the most outrageous and we had to take away his blowhorn.. yep.. he had a blowhorn! I met Gwen Steffani in the hallway at Caesars Palace. She was surrounded by security and I called out her name and blurted out how I loved her on The Voice (my favorite show btw).

Emily was with me, but engrossed on her Iphone and wouldn’t be distracted.. “Emily its Gwen Stephani!” In the end all she seen was her ponytail bobbing up and down as they walked quickly out of sight. I stuffed her autographed piece of paper in my purse and thought wow.. Gwen Stefani.. I love you.

Fausto (B/day boy) and Reuben.

Meeting up with the rest of our entourage that evening I related the Gwen Stefani incident which prompted someone with a bull horn to announce “I hate Gwen Stefani” which is fine because I hate country music and I’m not shy either..  in fact I would rather stick needles in my eyes than listen to country music, but I do love Gwen. Later, when Fausto was distracted at supper, I sneaked the batteries out of his bullhorn and stashed them in my purse.

ok a piece of advice here DO NOT STUFF ANYTHING INTO YOUR PURSE that is smaller than a breadbox! That includes oranges and bananas from the buffet (that is just plebian.. look it up ; ) and I know some of you do it.. ok, so we need healthy snacks once in awhile .. wawww! BUT NEVER stuff a little pot of honey in your girlfriends purse EVER!!! Click Here for Video

Chad… I love you

I met a fan of mine (I know.. who knew I would have one?) at the noodle place in Caesars after the Sparks party. He introduced himself and said he has wanted to meet me for the last three years… omg! I actually dragged Emily over and had him repeat what he said to me! We all know Emily Ellyn, ‘The Retro Rad Chef’ has many admirers, but now I had one of my very own! YESSSSSSS!!!!! (“a stalker Cherylle” she leaned in and whispered, but I know she was just jealous.. lol and he can stalk me if he wants)

Maggie and Jeremy

We met Maggie and Jeremy two sweet young lovers that upon meeting.. didn’t leave each others side until they had to go their separate ways four days later. Terrica, a stunning beauty, Joe and Leslie and Kirsten and Scott D.. where did you come from with that infectious smile.. you magically appeared whenever I got lost or turned around.

headstand on luggage rack

I am lumping many stories into one because frankly, there are too many to relate. Nettie doing head stands on the luggage rack in the room, and riding every dog she seen to create a’ Kodak moment’ (it was the year of the dog, Chinese new years in Vegas and frankly I am getting to old for that or I would have been up there with her). Dancing to the music fountains in front of the Bellagio. Celebrating some old guy turning 50 his “cincerieno” .. 4 days in a row! Really… !lol

We ate at Ramsays Pub and Grill and they gave us all a complimentary dessert (chocolate with cream see picture), thank you Randy! We also ate at Homestead where Nettie ordered a ’10 ounce meatball’.. yep.. only in Vegas. AND none of us will forget The Wicked Spoon’ in the Cosmopolitan. (The little pot of honey was born there) It will live on and on and on.. thanks to Charlton Becker and his dam IPhone video (pos).

Thank you Rueben and Angie for helping me on the afternoon tour of “My Favorite Things”.. he not only carried the sign but all the bags of free stuff. Emily also led a tour and I hear she ‘popped’ out of the pig roaster at the bbq booth more than once. I am not so adventurous, the only popping I do is corn..

I did lead the way though on my tour.. with my arm extended out and my LeoLight held high.. “follow the light my lovelies”….

my LeoLight leading those that were were ‘following the light’

Gwen Stephanis autograph went into a plastic baby bottle as a gift to ‘Foghorn’ lol.. I knew he would appreciate the irony, and I love that he is outrageous.(the baby bottle was a remembrance of our time at Pigalis in Vegas three years ago where drinking wine out of them, had us sucking it back, literally, it is also where we met birthday boy and we have been good friends ever since).

so many stories .. these are just the extra-curricular ones….


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