Penny’s Diner and me.. oh and coffee, dam good coffee!

‘Midnight at the Oasis’ is on this weekend.. lots of vintage cars.

The dishes were piled high everywhere.. counters, sinks or where-ever there was a clear spot. A waiting line-up of 2 to 4 tables as well, please sign in at the til with your name and number of guests in your group. Oh my.. I had just come from Dennys where there was a line-up snaked out through the door and decided uh uh, not for me.

Pennys Diner beckoned to me, I always get a great meal here and I really like the open and retro look of the place. I haven’t been yet this year and so I bellied up to the counter (not wanting to wait for a table). The server took my coffee order right away but forgot to bring it. Awhile later another gal (turned out to be the owner) asked if my order had been taken and I explained about the coffee.. lol.

The place was full .. the cook was doing an amazing job of cooking, and rinsing dishes and .. well he basically was doing the job of three people. I took this all in and by god.. she had good workers here. I figured she was short-staffed (turns out she was) to handle this crowd but we were all in no hurry.. the food is worth the wait.

Seeing your breakfast, lunch or supper being cooked within eyesight is comforting somehow. Kinda homey and everyone is so friendly. Being in the food industry myself, my gut instincts were to jump up (ok, so I don’t really do ‘jump up’ anymore) but I had to hold myself back from clearing tables at least.

I contented myself with taking names for the waiting list .. I was sitting beside the till after all.. lol. I remarked to the cook what an amazing job he was doing by handling all this. His frown softened for just a minute and a smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. Sometimes we just need a little recognition, and I recognized a key player here.

The waitresses or servers or whatever we want to call them nowadays, always had a smile on their faces while juggling three things at once. You have to admire workers like that and I was in admiration mode and not at all worried about getting fed. This place was feeding my catering soul.. oh.. and the dishwasher was down too, well part of it.

The guy beside me was from Iowa and told me a joke when I asked him upon arriving “is anyone sitting here?” It had to do with a diner where he is from, and only one bathroom where you had to knock and say “is anyone in there?” upon which the guy sitting on the throne looked left and then right and answered “I don’t see anyone.” ok so you had to be there…lol

My coffee arrived and I don’t usually order coffee because I have yet to find a place that serves a decent tasting cup of java. I also can’t make a decent cup myself.. so I’m basically screwed and drink a lot of tea. How can you mess up a cup of tea.. well adding honey to it can make for a good story down the line, and I will tell that story in another blog.

This cup of coffee is the best tasting coffee I have had in Yuma.. bar none! YESSSSS I would go there just for the coffee, but I like to eat too :  ) I should mention here, seeing as we are on beverages, that my girlfriend and I will stop here to get the best milkshakes in town! Made the old fashioned way and poured into a tall glass with the remainder in the metal canister beside it on your table.

The owner was working everywhere .. like owners do and she too had a smile on her face.. mostly. The servers are joking with the customers as they pay and everyone is being patient. I like this place, Mryna Hudson (the diner manager) and I have a little informal chit chat going on. I compliment her on her staffing.. these people are working their butts off.

She shares that she is hiring three more people today.. too bad it wasn’t this morning, but she doesn’t even have time to turn around. I give a child a sucker while they are waiting, which are in a basket beside the till. I finish up my breakfast which is just how I wanted it, and I clear a couple tables .. I HAD too .. it was eating at me!

whew.. I feel better, they give me breakfast on the house, and Mryna gives me her business card with a free meal and beverage of my choice. Thanks guys I really appreciate it .. I write my name and number on a piece of paper and say “please call me anytime, I live a couple blocks away, I can help in a pinch!” I don’t need to be paid either, I just need a fix once in awhile ..oh and I would also work for that coffee.. I just would.