international woman’s day.. what it means to me

What does it even mean, International Woman’s Day? To celebrate women, or just give lip service to the idea of it.. or is it just another day for most? My thoughts turn to all those years that could have been.. that is what I mourn. The wasted futility of constantly re-arranging myself to fit into a broken mold, a marriage constantly floundering in stormy seas.

I am a woman that has freed myself from my own chosen bonds. How could I have not known how sweet life is, within myself? I know we mate to procreate the human race, but what ever possesses some of us to mate with partners that disrespect our spirits and seek to make us less than…?

Sure..  there is give and take in any relationship but why do some only take and why do the givers accommodate them? I am not alone, there are many of us from a different generation, we are the ‘to death do us part’ crowd. My only wish is that I wouldn’t have wasted so many years trying to fix the faults.. that another imagined in me..

Maybe we should use this day to celebrate with our daughters. Lets lift them up and give them strength.. inner strength, the kind needed to choose wisely. We are beautiful and we are strong.. we do not need someone to complete us. When and if we choose a mate they need to honor these gifts we selflessly lay at their feet.

In other words don’t choose an asshole to live your life with. When you get to my age those assholes are only good for one thing.. and that is shitting on you! You are never too old to change.. and by that I mean “changing your situation”. There are many more women in their sixties and seventies finally saying ENOUGH! .. and I applaud you! BUT why did we wait so long…

Our daughters need to know they are strong and they are beautiful as well as smart and savvy. Tell them everyday.. don’t ever let the men in the house disrespect them. Teach your sons to honour and respect women, always. If it is too late for our daughters then lets teach our granddaughters and nieces and every girl we come in contact with.. “we are worthy!”

“Don’t ever let another person disrespect you..  especially  a boyfriend.” I didn’t know any better, but I sure do now. I also came from a broken home and a single mom with seven kids. I am not using that as an excuse but rather trying to figure out why I chose to let someone disrespect me for so long? But lets get this straight.. I eventually figured it out, and the truth of it set me free.!

You can’t really live when you are dead inside.. if only one person reads this and understands what I am talking about, do it now! It takes courage and you might be scared BUT we are worth it. We deserve to live our best life. With great sorrow also comes great JOY..  the likes you never could have imagined.

We cannot change those we love, but we CAN change our circumstance! I say Choose to love yourself enough to allow your truth, your beauty and your inner spirit to soar free. Your very soul will find the peace you seek, and only then can you go about LIVING.. truly LIVING

just my thoughts .. International Womans Day ..

To my daughter and my granddaughters and nieces.. all the women in my life, you are all soooo loved by me, you are smart and beautiful and STRONG, be brave and fearless and love yourself always. I celebrate all of you, myself included!