Stash your cash.. trust me

How do you live each day, what is the quality of your time? Working is a no brainer, but retirement is a different cat for sure. Running my own business and then selling it to the kids, put me into retirement. This should have been the end of my reign. Alas.. it may have ended my control over it, but definitely not my attachment to it.

Letting go emotionally from my company was really hard. Physically I was no longer involved in the actual day to day business. My guts however, were in turmoil before each big corporate event.. which they successfully and continuously pulled off.. without me!

So here I am in retirement-land which is great when the money flows, traveling and seeing the world, was always my intentions. Reality however, has a way of setting in and imagine my surprise/not surprised, when I figured out that I was really good at spending money faster than it comes in.

Ok.. listen up, if you are still working, stash money away! The government doesn’t pay you enough to be old, retired AND HAPPY! If you had a government job then you may be safe.. maybe, not so entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs don’t live for tomorrow, it is today that interests and excites us.

I suppose if you are a couple, retirement could be comfortable.. again maybe. After age 60 I set myself free into the single life, no looking ahead for me.. uh uh. Working and traveling and looking for new loves was my new reality and exciting as hell. Sure it is lonely too, but better to be happy and alone than being unhappy living with someone.

Soooo.. stash that money away, are you listening? Barring that, then you need to keep yourself in shape, you may have to work a job in retirement to supplement your old age. Pole dancing requires a certain amount of stamina, unfortunately I missed that bus.. ah well.

You could look for a wealthy mate if you are single but trust me, is it really worth it? (I suppose it could be if he can check off all the bases.. wink wink) Looking for love at my age is a crap shoot anyway.. and who needs a load of crap, certainly not I. BUT my libido is still active and not ready for retirement, and I want it all.. dammit!

I like to date younger guys.. for obvious reasons, information overload, sorry. As most of you already know, my life is pretty transparent and really.. who actually gives a rats ass about a senior citizens love life? (I do 🙂 While trying out a few good men for permanent status its always good to have a back up lover. He gets a break while you’re busy, and when you make a break there he is. Always keep your options open, right? Fast forward to here I sit, a born again virgin.. sigh, ah well my option didn’t stick around …

Now where was I.. oh right, retirement! Stash as much money as you can for retirement (which I didn’t do) or keep your shapely body tuned up.. (hmmm, batting zero here). Retirement is a mindset, but my mind never did retire and still keeps me entertained with ideas on how to make extra money. I never once considered getting a real job, nor did I ever consider the fact that maybe no one would hire me at my age anyway.. funny eh?

So it is I get a call from my kids, to come back and help in the business I started over thirty years ago. When my kids need me (which they rarely do) of course I am there. This cut short my Arizona time by 4 months .. but who is counting? Well I was.. whining somewhat too, so I’m not perfect.. hmmm.. was that my outside voice?

Coming out of retirement and being the ‘new girl’ in the business, was somewhat excruciating. Having someone explain to me what I needed to do was really painful as hell, and I didn’t take it well. Eventually though, the rhythms of the business kicked in and I was starting to actually enjoy what I always loved about this company.

Nothing to do with my story but I like this so much.. lol

So it turns out I may not have to find that real job after all, my talents are many. If I could apply these talents to finding love.. na.. that would be too perfect, and boring probably. I am loving this new/old job and it has its perks. The funny/not funny part, is how quickly I am adapting to this new stage in my life.

I am good at what I do and pour my heart and my soul into whatever I take on. Retirement was nice, but damn, this is nice too. My hours are flexible and believe me when I say I flex them pretty good. The challenges are worthy of my capabilities and oh my god, I’m sounding like a boss again.. uh oh …

Ok my ‘boss’ just texted me wondering what my ETA was? (estimated time of arrival.. it is Monday, start of another work week) I texted back that I was just finishing up a blog and should be in by 11:00 am.. now tell me how sweet is this.. right?

Pinch me.. am I dreaming?