I am still growing.. dammit!

Hearing this phrase on TV this morning from a retiring talk show host, it exploded into my brain, lighting a fire with-in. I’m not finished either, dammit.. I am still growing too! Being retired myself.. sorta, and old, sorta, I’m not done yet! Good grief there is a ton of living ahead of me, well.. isn’t there?.

Why is it I don’t feel like I’m old and done? Far from it actually, seems like the older I get the more I need to explore and experience.. everything! Then it hits me.. time is NOT on my side. I have stories to write and songs to sing, well ok, I can’t sing but that doesn’t stop me. Countries to visit, Singapore is winking at me, and Ireland too.

A road trip to visit friends I’ve made in the food-networking world is high on my to-do list. Finding my way around the states will definitely be an adventure. Being directionally challenged as I am, maybe I will bribe someone to come with me. It’ll be fun.. she said.. we’ll have adventures, she said.. oh ya.. it will not be boring, I promise!

This has been on my back burner for some time. Why do we put stuff off and think, ok.. next year. Well here it is next year and that phrase, ‘I am still growing’ cut into me like a knife. I want that on my headstone.. btw! So if that is going to be on my headstone then it is time to get my ass in gear!

I smell a road trip coming up this fall…

Angie lives in Kentucky somewhere, she says things like ‘britches’ for pants. Jack lives in Boston and wants to teach me ‘pickle ball’ (fat chance that will ever happen .. loll). Fausto and Rueben live around there too I think. Charlton and Kristen are you close by? (Remember the honey story? www.my-thirdlife.com/sticky in Vegas)

Carl (wise sage and fruit and vegetable carver extraordinaire) and Angel live in the deep south and Roy (my not so secret love) lives in LA. (he encouraged me to write.. his fault!) All my girlfriends love Roy.. just sayin. Emily in Florida look out here I come.. omg we have so many adventures when we are together. Remember crashing Terry Fators VIP party in Vegas?

Retro Rad Chef, Food network star and author Emily Ellyn and me I am on the right..lol

Nettie @Beyondglazed and Mary (www.my-thirdlife.com/you are my hero) is in Utah and I actually know how to get there. I travel Interstate 15 all the time to get from Canada to Arizona to spend some of my winter months. This is not to say that I didn’t take shortcuts once in awhile and get hopelessly lost, it comes naturally to me.

When I was younger time was endless, but something happened after I turned 60. The age itself, set me free, but time stepped up and said hmmm..”what is it you want from me?” That was somewhat scary and truth be told, it still is. I still don’t know what it is I want from my life.. but I think a writer is in my blood now.

Entering my first writing contest just last week gave me such a overwhelming feeling of accomplishment. It also brought on thoughts of, ok that’s done, now what? How much time do I have I wonder, but not for long.. I could die tomorrow. So.. OK, the road trip is on!

Recently returning to the work world provided me with some extra cash flow. The work environment also got my adrenaline flowing and my creative juices salivating on a big event I booked. So my summer looks interesting as hell and the extra cash will perhaps go towards that trip to Singapore, but first the road trip.

Deep inside me are a couple inventions, which may never see the light of day because I failed to market my last one. As I’m writing this a new thought comes to me, although my body is aging my mind is.. well.. still growing! Maybe when the mind quits growing, that is when we slowly die..

Ah hell.. who am I kidding, I will never do everything I want to do with the time I have left. BUT that road trip is already taking shape in my head and this is the year! New York kinda scares me but my friend Sandy has a place for me to lay my head in Buffalo, that’s close to New York.. right Frank? Frank is in New Jersey.. and my friend Linda is in Minneapolis that must be close to somewhere on my list?

Now where was I? Don’t worry about me, Siri (my navigation system) and I have a love/hate relationship.. she is right most of the time. When she isn’t, I end up on a dirt road in the darkness of night with the pungent smell of cabbages in the air! Once I got outta the cabbage fields.. I ended up entering Yuma from the west instead of the east.. oh my.

I shouldn’t have took that nap at sunset at a crossroads.. hmmm.. maybe this why my kids talked me into flying here this past two years, geez.. light-bulb moment!