Stand up and be counted.. there I just said that

Jacinda Arden Prime Minister of New Zealand

Been home two and a half weeks but who’s counting.. well I guess I am. It feels really good to be back home. The air is fresh, although colder, it still is amazing. Not everyone has fresh air and we should never take it for granted, if you’ve been to other countries you know what I mean, China is one.

Speaking of China, what the heck is happening here? We used to have good relations with China. Lester Pearson our prime minister back in the day, kept the shipping lines open to ship wheat there when everyone else shunned them. He was also instrumental in starting a little club called the UN (United Nations).

So it seems all hell is breaking loose here. When I was in the states everything was all about Trump, hardly any news from around the world. Seems the states have a love/hate fixation with Trump, while the rest of the world looks on incredulously. How could such a great country put an unstable, morally corrupt person in charge of their destiny?

Back here in Canada we have our own problems, the most recent is another indirect hit from Trump. We are holding hostage a Chinese woman that the United States may or may not want in connection with a Chinese phone company. Her mistake was changing planes here in Canada. The Chinese are now holding our economy hostage.. no canola sales for us!

Our neighbors to the south are gradually cutting ties to us as they are making nice with the likes of North Korea and Putin. Go figure? But I digress.. starting my blog this morning I wanted to celebrate what I see as the first person with any common sense emerging onto the political world stage!

Her name is Jacinda Arden and she is the Prime Minister of New Zealand. Singlehandedly she is taking on terrorists and gun control AND social media to boot! The slaying of 50 Muslims in a New Zealand mosque, by a white supremacist that specifically mentioned Donald Trump, as a symbol of renewed white identity, is just insane!

That Arden will never mention the gunman’s name brings me such relief.. finally! Someone with common sense in world politics.. not only a woman but someone not afraid to speak the truth.

New Zealand is already legislating a ban on assault rifles and setting in place gun controls.. really? Is it that easy? Taking down videos of the massacre was totally justified and should never have seen the light of day. We may have free speech and liberties and all, but ya know.. in the end you need common sense to prevail.. you just do.

How many of us agree that when something like this happens, all the crazies come out of the closet and are watching? We DO NOT need to give these people recognition for destroying lives, quite the opposite actually. They should always be referred to as unstable sick psychopaths.. how many of them would aspire to that label I wonder?

JACINDA ARDEN Prime minister of New Zealand .. I applaud you and hope you keep the faith. We are all rooting for you .. my guess is the whole world is watching and rightly so! Common sense..  finally.. was that so hard I wonder? Obviously not, because ARDEN has stood up and been counted.. now it is our turn to support her in any way we can!

There I wrote about it, and I said it.. we need leaders with integrity and common sense. We can make a difference, don’t let bullies, liars, cheaters and morally corrupt people run our countries ok? MAKE A DIFFERENCE, we can do that together..

We all need to stand up and be counted ! Jacinda Arden you make me proud to be a woman and you are my hero.. there, I just said that.