Sophie… six yrs old, channeling numbers

untitled (75) It was a long day mowing the grass, well mowing everyone’s grass.. so ok I’m in love with my son’s riding mower! I’ve already written about it so I won’t bore you, see ‘lawn mowers and life jackets’. My body is somewhat weary and I have company over for supper (my cousins) and she invites me to bingo.

I haven’t played bingo since the first nations started building casinos in our area. I am addicted to the gambling side of life and bingo used to be my vice of choice, only because Las Vegas was too far away.

Small town bingo is even more excruciating than big city bingo because the pots (money you win) vary from 8.00 to 25.00, whereas big city is at least 100.00 a pot. I decide last minute to suck it up and tag along for a change of pace from the lake.

We are mostly all related here, on our side of the lake, starting out with my mom (she is gone now) and seven kids. Her sister (she is gone as well) also with seven kids.images (89) My moms youngest sister, has seven kids too, then there is her younger brother with four. That makes 25 first cousins, then we all have children, but birth control managed to put a dent into overpopulating our little piece of paradise here.

We have first, second and even third cousins just from one side of the family. We got together and bought a big piece of property at this lake and set up a commune.. lol.

We have since sold off and diversified but most of us still have cabins here and all the kids run together. We have many great memories here and all of us loved being a part of this at one time or another. Anyway back to my story.

My cousins granddaughter Sophie (six yrs olds) brings her activity book, and comes with us to bingo. I am prepared to be bored, losing money at the slot machines is much more exciting and I can lose it at a much faster pace. My cousins hubby is calling and though he is adequate for a bingo caller, he should not give up his day job, sorry.. just sayin.


sophie I only need  one number and decide to involve Sophie and see if I can liven up this game somewhat.” psstt.. Sophie, if he calls B-2 you yell out bingo.. ok?”

Sophia looks up and agrees to my plan. Well someone else gets that game but we continue on the same card to play for another bingo. B-2 is called and Sophia yells out “BINGO!” We all laugh and Sophia crawls almost under the table when she realizes the mistake.. Oh my, what have I done?

images (90)I cajole her back into the game as best I can and explain to her how it works. I am now more interested in Sophie than this boring game and we keep up a small pattering of conversation.. while her grandma is shhhhing her. I get close again and tell her if he calls N-44 to yell BINGO. Well he calls the number and Sophia yells out BINGO.

Now she is excited and when they put 25.00 on the table she is overjoyed! Sophie gets to call out bingo twice more for me and is now looking over my cards very thoughtfully and telling me how to play. Her grandma gets close and only needs one number N-39.. she is now cursing her hubby for not calling it!

Well her hubby finally calls I-39 (well all of us seasoned bingo players KNOW there is no I-39 and he means N-39) I say to her untitled (73)you have a bingo. She says no I don’t, I tell Sophie to call bingo and my cousin says no, I say yes, and I finally call bingo… Geeze, this all takes place in seconds because if you miss your bingo you are shit out of luck!

I give her the fish eye and can’t believe how she screwed that up! Like really, this is such a simple game! They bring her money and we add it to the pile (we are all sharing, my cousins dad and his wife are with us as well).

Next game comes up and my cousin is now a seasoned player and everything goes well and she only needs two numbers. I look over at Sophia and she has her eyes closed and she is moving her mouth.. he calls one of the numbers and then the other number she needs, and Sophie gets to yell bingo again!

Well our pile of money is growing when the last game comes up and it is for 1000.00 in so many numbers or 100.00 if not won within those numbers. I tell Sophie if I win the 1000.00 she can have 100.00 of it to buy candy. My cousin says no, she can save it for Disneyland. I counter with 10.00 for candy and the rest for Disneyland, everyone is happy.

Sophie is now a veteran and when we need only a couple numbers, I look over at her.. she has her eyes closed, her lips are moving and now she has her hands at her temples to help channel the numbers we need.. ! We do not win but grampa did win fifty bucks ,and Sophie got to yell bingo again on B-11!

untitled (74)We end up with 158.00 and split the winnings … we give Sophie 5.00 for helping us. Everyone is happy esp. Sophie .. well my cousin is really happy too because she never wins EVER at bingo! I wonder if her hubby will get lucky tonight….

On the way home we ask Sophie if she liked coming with us and she did, grams asked her if she would want to come again and Sophie gives a resounding YES.. oh my, hmmm, what have I done? Maybe this is how it all starts….. I’m sure she thinks her ‘channeling’ helped us win.. well it did.. didn’t it? Don’t we all channel numbers we need…….

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  1. What can I say…… I am the grandma and no he did not get lucky LOL Check back next Wed. because the rest of the grandkids want to go to Bingo next week and win big money. Yes, Cherylle look what you have done 🙁

    1. Well he should have got ‘lucky’ … after all you did win twice! Did you forget your ‘loser’ days already? Yep , we may have created a monster huh?

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