Journey without my sneakers.. they need to find my feet! (part three..diabetes)

one pot pasta

Well the sneakers are still somewhere and lord only knows why they can’t seem to find my feet? I think I have been active, cutting the grass on the riding mower  and taking the quad out for daily jaunts.. hmmmm. I did do some paddleboat touring with my cousin and we did take a dip in the frigid waters.

My cooking is limited because my cousin has been inviting me over for supper most days. They had a fresh fish fry this week and omg it was so delicious! The baking has not happened and I gave away all my big bags of potato chips.. sure miss them though, ah well. I also learned something this week, those healthy wraps I am using instead of bread.. ? They are 200 calories and 7 grams of fat ! What an eye opener that is!

The office at the lake requires me to put in at least a few hours of work each day. Today I had a new visitor in my office, a large white pelican was snoozing on my newly mowed grass. I also have a resident crow that natters at me incessantly (making me think I am married again) and I have put out the word that if he should disappear I won’t miss him!

I see the crow is eyeing up the pelican this morning and as he starts making a move towards that big bird, I turn my phone onto video to catch this confrontation. This should be interesting and I am getting excited for the pelican to take a round outta that dam crow!

Well it turns out this is just a ‘drive by’ and a non event. I guess size does matter..  and the crow saunters away. My sister hates crows and if she was here she would make him disappear, is it illegal to shoot crows I wonder? I suppose we would need to find a gun as well.. oh hell, I guess he is safe for now.

I love the lake creatures (except crows) and I used to have a lone Canada goose that made my front lawn his home every summer.He didn’t have a mate and I felt an affinity towards him. He has not made an appearance this year, and I suppose I don’t miss the ‘droppings’, his calling card.

There was also a hedge hog and it took me a long time to figure out what the heck he was, one day I went out and the ex had put a big rock over the entrance to his hole which was in the trees by the property line. Who does that? I forget a lot of things, especially with  getting older but I never forgot that. I haven’t seen a hedgehog since.

A strange phenomenon when I was mowing the lawn this past week. It was fairly long and as I started into it millions(well seems like that many) of baby blue dragonflies flew up in front of the mower. Well I love the  dragonflies (they keep the mosquito population down) as much as I hate mosquitos.  I was a little (well a lot actually) perturbed about messing with the eco system and slowed down the mower to a crawl.

I wanted to give these  little ‘mosquito helicopter traps’ a fighting chance. My friend later teased me about all these dragonflies on my lot in wheelchairs and crutches…lol. But I have to say I have been here for almost a week now, and outside for most it,  and I don’t have any mosquito bites.. well, maybe one.

Last nights supper was one pot pasta (you literally throw in everything including the pasta)  and it was very good, I will be adding it to my favorites. I do have one piece of advice when making it, do watch the liquid part and drain off some if you have to when pasta id done.

Ok, so my quest into fitness needs some more tweaking , I know those sneakers are here somewhere…… I wonder how my girlfriend is doing in her quest?




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  1. Thanks for sharing the pasta pot supper. It was very good. So pass on the recipe on.

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