V is for Victory.. also vagina

It has occurred to me how lucky I am. Well actually I know that, anyone living in a free country should be somewhat appreciative if not humbled by that fact. Canada Day yesterday had us celebrating 146 years old! That is not old, my god it is barely born compared to other countries!

Travelling the world since I left my 40 year marriage 4 years ago, has opened my eyes to everything! The more travelling and places visited just opens up more places that I haven’t seen. Some I may never visit, like Afghanistan and Syria.

How can women be so oppressed in these countries? We give birth to these men that are now kidnapping our children into god knows what? I am not going to use this blog as a platform for anything but common sense. What happened to common sense anyway? I just don’t understand how we can be so cruel to each other.

I taught my kids to not make fun of the boy they called ‘duck lips’ on the bus. I encouraged them to accept the new kid that moved into the classroom. (I was that new kid at several schools growing up.. far too many) I always harped on fairness and treating others as you wanted to be treated. Mainly though I always stressed putting yourself in their place and how would that feel?

Too bad we don’t practice what we preach and maybe that is the problem. I think we are nurturers by the very nature of our bodies, we give birth and we give sustenance. We want our offspring to thrive and be happy and safe. Our own wellbeing is pushed aside.. and maybe that is where we need to start.

What would happen if we refused to have those babies until we were treated with respect and dignity? Seriously.. stop and think about that. If we refused to copulate to make that child (obviously we can’t get birth control into the hands of the masses) but the old stand-by ‘ABSTINANCE’ would work!

Would they rape us and would that become the norm? They can’t kill us all.. well I suppose they could kill some of us to threaten the others. But what would happen if women.. the world over.. decided to take fate into their own hands? How many of us would die to stand up and be counted? We are dying anyway when we are oppressed and treated as chattel.

And what about all of us women in the free world.. what could we do? Let me give you a moment to really think about that. Ok have you considered what we as a collective could do to help oppressed women everywhere?

Fairly simple actually.. we could refuse to copulate.. until we feel that something is being done to change the situation that is playing out in Syria, right now, with those missing girls!!

It doesn’t need to be ‘not tonight honey I have a head-ache’! It could be ‘sweetie I just can’t seem to get those pictures of the kidnapped girls out of my head.. they are being raped and sold into prostitution!’

‘I just keep thinking that could be our daughter and it just turns me off’! Now that is just one scenario, but you get the drift?

We could be a force to be reckoned with if the men started getting the picture (and not getting any) do you think they would have an interest in resolving and changing this situation!!!!! With-holding something they hold near and dear could be worth something they would fight for.. TREATING OTHERS AS YOU WOULD WANT TO BE TREATED.. that’s all.

That little V between our legs is all powerful ladies.. just putting that out there!

….common sense…..

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