Snoop Dog .. and me

imagess40781b3Being the oldest person at a Snoop Dog concert was not that bad. The body search going in surprised me as did all the police cars on hand at the venue. The weed being smoked inside is what I did not expect.. I thought we had a no-smoking by-law and how the heck was this happening?

Watching an episode of Oprah, interviewing Snoop Dog, is what endeared me to him. His music also appealed to my eclectic tastes in music.. but mainly I liked what I saw on Oprahs show. He talked about his life and his wife and seemed a genuine, family orientated kind of guy.untitled-94

Having the freedom to choose the music I liked, was a gift I gave myself in my sixties. A forty year marriage which introduced this rock and roll gal to country music, started out as all marriages do. We like to please our partners, I listened to country and even came to like it somewhat.

Something happened along the way though, I can’t really put my finger on it. It seems the more I listened to country music the sadder I became. Mixing it up with my favorite music, not country, became less and less tolerable, as did the marriage. In the end I was force-fed country music to the point that I wanted to kill Hank Williams (already dead) or myself!

Divorcing country music (and the husband) was my only option. When something sucks the joy out of life it is time to make some life changing decisions. That was over six years ago and I would still rather stick needles in my eyes than have to listen to country music, that’s just a fact.

Now where was I.. oh right, I am at a Snoop Dog concert! I am very excited and just a little grateful that my lover was willing to endure it, he really cares about what makes me happy.

A lover is someone you share a joyful and personal sexual intimacy with, one that is mutually satisfying. If you are lacking that, then he is a husband, a boyfriend, or a one night stand (ok .. so bit of humour..).

Most lovers (he or she) have their own journeys, it intertwines with your own for mutual benefits. Sometimes it can lead to commitments but mostly not, and that is ok.. plus you can drag him to a snoop dog concert. (but not the husband or the boyfriend.. just sayin)imagesew93opyj

We order a drink from the bar waiting for Snoop, they have a DJ on steroids filling in the waiting time. The dope being smoked is such a surprise to me and an annoyance! Thank god my lover is an ordinary cigarette smoker and so we head outside to fuel his addiction. I suck up the almost fresh air, like a drowning person.

images2i11hxp4The police presence is crazy and I start to wonder about our safety, ya.. a little late for that I know! We get another body search going back in. If I was not with my lover I might have enjoyed these searches.  We endured this a couple more times that evening.

Inside, the venue was getting rowdier and sloppier. We were now stepping in pools of spilt beer and inhaling thick clouds of sickening sweet, mind fogging pot. The good-looking kid beside me is hitting on me (his pot smoking glasses no doubt, I am old enough to be his grandmother) my lover pulls me in closer with a humorous grin on his face.

Two and a half hours later, still no Snoop Dog, my stomach is turning and I have such a headache. I give in and say “lets get outta here!” We walk to Hudsons, a night club with food.. a couple blocks away in the clean, clear fresh night air.

To say we were famished would be correct, but how could we even eat after coming from a smoke induced stupor? When I told this story to my kids they laughed uproariously. Although I am from the free love, hippie smoking seventies, I only tried pot once. I had kids to grow and a business to run.

imagesdgzfbt5iI was bitterly disappointed I didn’t get to experience Snoop on stage live. My lover soothed my disappointment that night as only he could.. and also surprised me the next month with tickets to Il Divo an operatic boy band (but they are the sexiest of men).

Il Divo sent shivers of pleasure through-out my body the whole concert! The latter part of the evening back at my condo, the pleasure continued. My taste in music is eclectic, and live performances are always best .. just sayin mmmmmm


This concert was not successful for me and it think it was also unprofessional leaving us waiting so long. My opinion only.
This concert was not successful for me and I think it was also unprofessional leaving us waiting so long. My opinion only.


Snoop Dog..  the only thing I took away from your concert was a headache .. an appetite and this story..