Exploring my happy.. riding the snow at night

imageswingnpyhTalking, well writing.. I always write down what I’m verbally saying in my head.. ok sometimes I say it out loud too.. now where was I? My last blog about ships got me to thinking.. what kind of ride would I really like. I know.. my mind fairly bursts sometimes with great ideas… right?

My ride would be built for comfort, definitely not for speed. I want to enjoy the ride, suck up the air and feel the wind behind me, helps me move along with this aging process.. its just easier. It is my happy, to feel the ambiance of wherever life takes me. (my Artic Cat snowmobile had it all.. even heated handlebars)

In a field of snow at night in minus temps, just the stars, myself and my broken down snowmobile. You can actually feel the snow sparkle in the moonlight.. a spiritual presence of peace on earth, it envelopes me in a warm blanket of love.imagesyt77xwss

A coyote howling nearby invariably shatters that moment and survival mode takes over. I curse like a sailor, as if that is going to magically fix my machine and make it start again. (turns out I had hit the ‘kill switch’ going over a bump too fast) 

I curse the group of adolescent men, that think speeding through this gorgeous night to be first to the next stop, is so important. What is it with machines and speed that turn men into demons of fastness?

untitled-92Sometimes I fall back to the end of the line, intentionally, but keep the pack in sight, alone at night in freezing temps could be dangerous. The stark beauty of the tree lined trails, snow clinging precariously to the branches on moon filled nights.

Majestic pines in particular, fascinate me, with branches hanging so low under their snow laden burden. Sometimes I reach out and grab a tip of one, while zipping our way through, I give it a slight shake and I’m filled with happiness as it releases its load on the unlucky fool behind me. (my way of making them slow down.. well that too)

The icy cold wind takes my breath away, and it fills my soul with such impatience for these racers that never seem to slow down! Occasionally letting the pack go ahead, I will turn off my machine and just be still. When the sounds of their machines die off in the distance I take stock of all this beauty, and just breath.imagesvyldfqbx

Eventually someone does a head count, and I see the bobbing lights and hear the familiar whining of the engines returning. I turn my machine back on and catch up to meet them. My excuse is always a pit stop for nature calling .. and in my own way it really is.

img_3198We need moments like this in our lives to refuel our spirit. How many of us feel this way I wonder? Being alone.. but the feeling of being a part of something bigger? Water will do this as well .. swimming in the ocean or floating in the lake on a lazy sunny day.

Maneuvering my car onto a side road, to catch an amazing rainbow appearing in the middle of a disappearing rainstorm, is not unusual for me. The sun sneaking it’s way through, unleashing a kaleidoscope of brilliant hues to form an archway into magical horizons ..  of new beginnings?images-127

A late night check outside my cabin  at the lake, I catch a glimpse of the northern lights starting their hypnotizing ballet.. across a blanket of infinite stars. Settling into my good fortune, I watch in awe..  they never disappoint. I can feel them.. inhaling deeply I saturate myself with this magical display.. this is my happy place.

This ride called life.. is the ride of our life.. don’t rush through it to get to the end, if you do then you’ve missed the whole point.. right?