sexual stamina, marraige and frogs… The doctor appointment follow-up

Well here I am on the other side of my doctors appointment. Everything went well and my waiting time is even not bad. He entered the room and immediately sat down to ‘chat’ with me about how life is going and we discussed.. hmmm.. I forget already!images5VN0Y3AQ

I guess he just wanted to know what was happening in my life and I think he was making sure I was not sequestering myself. See he was my moms doctor too, even though he is not that old.. and no , I still don’t know how old he is. He did tell me that his oldest daughter is 31 yr. old though.. hmmm .(my mom tended to keep to herself in later years) But I am not a loner, quite the opposite in fact.

I am gearing up for the mens stamina question but first need to cover all my bases. I tell him about my blog and writing a story about him. I mention the title (nympho.. dr. appointment and the safe sex talk)  and he nods his head and says “oh yes.. our little talk” well at least he remembers.

The blood pressure cuff is his way of torturing me, and I’m sorry..  but that thing hurts like hell! When he puts it on me and keeps up a conversation I just want to scream at him to shut-the-you know what up! and I want to rip that thing off my arm!!! I think I would sooner have a pelvic exam than that instrument of pain.. oh wait, I get to have that as well, lucky me!k5835167[1]

So we progress through the exam and he is always talking.. which is good because now I am gonna slip in the question about how many times a man can come in one night. Well sir.. he doesn’t miss a beat and proceeds to tell me that as you age a man needs more recovery time and yes aging can affect your love life.

I tell him about my experience and he then explains about all the performance enhancing drugs. I would love to elaborate here but needless to say if a guy can come a couple times that is pretty good! Usually once is the norm.imagesC6IKPT02

If you have a man that can bring it on more than once.. that it is unlikely with out a ‘recovery’ interlude. (or drugs?) All I am going to say here is that unlikely .. yes! Impossible.. no, and sex after sixty for me has been an amazing journey and one that is ongoing.. I might add.

The intimacy part is very important, the kissing and the cuddling and of course the actual lovemaking all come into play. So he has answered my question but I think he is wrong about the performance enhancing drugs. I have had experiences that differ with this. I think that we can have the ‘honeymoon’ kinda experiences at our age just like when we were younger.. all bets off! (with-out Viagra…lol)

Of course age is a factor with our sexual health and maybe I just got lucky.. who knows? But it is love that brings on the intimacy factor and with that.. it encompasses all parts of your wellbeing.. and that is just as important as the act itself.

If you are married don’t let that part die.. renew that energy with a soft kiss once in awhile placed just so.. and if you are not, well I guess we just have to keep kissing those dam frogs until we find that one amazing frog we were meant to be with.images72B158C5images[3]

Now where was I .. oh right , the doctors appointment. He has answered my question and I don’t think he squirmed.. even just a little bit. He probably squirmed more with the nympho question (see the nympho blog).

So we have covered all the bases, the pelvic exam is over and as he leaves the room he says “once you are dressed I’ll come back and we need to take your blood pressure again”.. bloody hell! Before I get all upset he looks at me and says … “just kidding”! touche’ he wins..

We have covered everything, I have my blood work requisition in hand and a new test that will save me from the colonoscopy journey which I’ve had twice. ( my mom passed away from colon cancer.)

We have discussed cell phone plans and dissed Sasktel for their ‘out of country’  deceptive rates, we both have stories to share! Discussed inventions.. mine is coming along nicely, he shares with me about an idea he has. And we discuss if I want to pursue a recent couple dizzy spells I had.

He puts me through a few physical excersizes like an IQ test.. but for the body. I pass his test and that is good enough for me. When I have left his office and am almost back at the lake I realize that ..dam ! I went there because I needed a check-up yes, but it coincided with needing my prescription being refilled!

Ah well.. I have a few pills left and I need to go back into the city anyway next week to do the blood work and the ‘shit on a stick’ test (which is still better than a full blown colonoscopy.. just sayin) … sorry for the crudeness but that is one interesting test kit….imagesLOGKSX44





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