Alcohol .. poison of choice?

A friend of mine attended a wedding recently and made the observation about the young girls getting into the shooters and getting so drunk .. wasn’t that supposed to be a guy thing? Well I asked him if he has been living under a rock .. shooters are the new rage!imagesG3H05R36

The  ‘jello shooters’ is almost passé’ .. we are onto more exotic shooters that come with a shooter inside of a shooter and, and.. every bar serves rounds of shooters and they encourage it! No self respecting girls party would be with-out shooters.imagesGE3WS0B2

Alcohol is becoming the drug of choice and what we had to drink in the ‘olden days’ bears no resemblance to what is available today! Iced tea is the current trend pandering to the youngsters.. hard twisted iced tea (alcohol infused). Bombays are another drink in a can that seems to go over with the teenagers.imagesDS7HCUI1

My drink of choice was the hard stuff. I hated the taste of beer (but there is an apple ale beer now that is really good.. btw) and hard liquor needed to have lots of coke to wash it down.

I can remember my first drinking binge, I was living at my nanas house, working at the CNR station (in the middle of Saskatoon) at the lunch counter and I was 16 years old. I was with my older friends and we were at someone’s house and we were drinking homemade wine that tasted like kool-aid. They were encouraging me to ‘guzzle’ it down and they thought it was very funny how I was really getting into it.

I awoke the next morning in bed with at least three or four people (we were all dressed but obviously we had all drank too much!) I was horrified that I didn’t make it home and scared to death that my nana would have called the cops and they were looking for me!imagesM70QEZBB

Wow that was insane and I was sooooo sick …omg I thought I was going to die! I think I even wished I was dead rather than face my nana.. and that was  the last time I drank wine for many, many years.. and my nana was pretty wise not to get all in a flap over that. (or maybe she should have.. hmmm)

I was obviously hanging out with an older ‘drinking’ crowd and I remember my first hard liquor drink .. rye and coke , and that led to another alcoholic episode. I got into a fight with another girl (this was an actual fisti- cuff fight) and I was straddled on top of her and trying to punch her in the face.images6P0DMNZJ

Everyone is chanting in the background encouraging me  ‘hit her’! I still remember to this day that I just didn’t have it in me to really hurt her and it was like my wrists were made of jelly.. I only half heartedly hit her. She got me though..! I was bruised up pretty bad at work next day and got a lot of comments about cat-fights.

You think I would have learned something from those episodes.. but no I guess not. The next round came with ‘Gin’ and I have to tell you that it is making a comeback after all these years.. we called it ‘panty remover’ in those days. I wonder how many of us experienced that particular phenomenon?untitled (4)

Our choice of poison was directly related to how sick we got on it. I have to say here that gin is THE WORST  ever to be exiting your guts through your mouth the next morning.. BAR NONE! It still cannot enter my mouth …EVER!

So now I am onto rum and it is not bad..  I am now in Powell River BC and living with my dad (having lost my job at the lunch counter in Saskatoon) and hanging out with another drinking crowd (yep I guess I knew how to find them). I bet my nana was glad to have me off her hands… whew..images6SRD7K20

By now I knew not to drink to excess.. ya right.. so I’d drink responsibly (that was many years before the ads) maybe rum this time.. and I awoke with such a deadly hang-over that I really though I was going to die from vomiting and omg.. I later found out that we were drinking over- proof rum.. and that is also on my illegal list of alcohol entering my body. The smell of rum to this day.. even turns my stomach.untitled (5)

So what is left? Hmmm rye seems to be the poison of choice in my later ‘legal’ years but it turns out, not with coke, actually any drink with coke.. seems like coke is the culprit here .. hahaha so I switch to 7-up or sprite… or maybe it is the ice?

There is a recurring theme here and the recurring part is my hang-overs!!! I cannot handle the being sick part ..  they lay me up for days and remembering the stupid things said and done while the pearls of wisdom flowed from my drunken mouth are even worse!! Omg.. did I really say that?untitled (2)

I want to dig a hole and climb into it, fortunately all the other drunken people had their own ‘pearls’ that I can throw back at them.. should they feel it necessary to taunt me next day.images7U2QZUH2

I came to a realization when my kids were young and in school (they think I always drank and today say that they are just following my example.. and it really hurts me when they say that). But the truth is I did smarten up after one particularly nasty episode   (fighting with the ex)  that my kids witnessed. I was not proud of that and I made a vow to myself  (which I kept)… that it would never happen again!

I can have fun, be myself and enjoy my life without alcohol, and I rarely drink today. Once in awhile I have a drink or two and sometimes I go over my limit, but I certainly don’t need to drink. Nothing good ever happened in my life by drinking too much alcohol.. in fact quite the opposite. Alcohol caused most of the problems in my life that eventually lead me to leave my marriage of 40 yrs..untitled (3)

I have nothing good to say about alcohol .. I really don’t. That the kids are being lured into this scene with shooters and mixed yummy drinks is not good. That they are one upping each other with how much they can drink, and getting plastered.. is too bad. They even have drinking games! I don’t have any answers but I do know I am not encouraging any under-age drinking on my watch, uh  uh.

To live my life in an alcoholic fog.. even if only on week-ends, diminished my capacity to feel.. to really feel .. everyday living and loving.. the joys in life are not found in a bottle.. in fact that bottle can destroy them just my thoughts…


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  1. That is such an awesome piece of writing and I agree with you 110% So sad that people, old and young, cannot enjoy life as it is without seeing it through alcohol glazed eyes.

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