love and sex (a mans perspective)

photo (2)What can I say about sex and love..  two different activities..  although they look very much alike to the casual observer.  Animals (and I include our species here) have sex.  Sex is for the purpose of creating the next generation.

Somewhere deep in our brains is the drive to create life and perpetuate the species. That drive will not be denied, well it wont, until the brain decides to turn off “the need to breed” signal.

But as long as that signal is active.. well.. sex will need to happen.

But making love.. ah that’s all about the self and a higher level of brain activity. Its all about the need for closeness and feeling protected.  Its a way to relax the vigilance that is required to stay alive in a hostile environment.

It  is a break from always having to be aware of your surroundings..  it allows us to re-create that feeling we had when we snuggled into our mothers and knew that she would protect us from the world.

Its about sharing and trusting and relaxing and just going to a happier place than the world normally allows..  and we humans emerge on the other side of love-making feeling refreshed and energized and ready to take on the world.

Very few partners in our lives that we ever reach that level of intimacy with.


That was written by someone that was very close to me. The people that make a positive influence in our lives (and he was one in mine) will always be a part of you. It is a mans point of view and I appreciated his sharing that with me.

Now if you asked me to write about sex and love (which I might just attempt) I’m sure it would be pages and pages long.. just sayin…… hmmm now I am curious, what would we say? 

Well I did write MY PERSPECTIVE on this… see it..  love and sex a womens point of view (mine actually).


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    1. Thank you for your feedback . I thought it was good as well but not sure what others would think. I want to write my take on this but need to condense (which is not my forte’)so it will be awhile.

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