Food trends (my views )… Legends in Warman.. Ayden Kitchen Saskatoon and Original Joes in PA

The discussion got a little heated, me on the defense and my cousin complaining about the food. Being as I am in the catering industry and have some knowledge of food trends and what is happening in the food industry I wanted to add another perspective to her view.

Ok , here is the scenario, she suggests supper to her two friends, in  Warman on the golf course. She has been there before several times.  Although I found the menu limited she did not, but we both agreed the food was good.

This particular visit the menu had changed, if I thought it limited before she said it was very much so this time! Her friends ordered a beef stirfry dish and a beef dip for herself. They were hoping for some kind of Quesada but choices on the menu were very selective.

The meal is served and the stir fry had more beef then noodles, which she commented “that explains to you how little noodles there was!” The meal was a big disappointment, her two friends did not get enough to eat and my cousin felt terrible for recommending the place. (stir fry was 12.00 which I suppose you could increase the price and add a salad to make more of a meal, or have the stir fry as a starter)

She did phone next day to complain . She got the assistant manager whom explained to her that they have a new chef and that is the new menu. They did not offer any apology or insight or “we’re sorry you feel that way”, she felt they did not really give a dam about her experience.

They may not care but they just lost a good customer AND more important, she is spreading the word!!

First off I explained to her the trend towards smaller portions, also paring down the menu and doing fresh from scratch pastas and other dishes. What they did order was good but not enough for a meal.

We have a much acclaimed high end restaurant in Saskatoon that just opened and I had occasion to dine there recently. My meal was fine but my friend ordered the pasta dish and it was pitiful! Made from scratch .. yes, but the little mound of ravioli in melted butter, on the bottom of the big bowl was hardly enough for a meal.

I shared some of my meal with my friend. I ordered a steak, which although delicious and done perfectly was much too fatty. (you can guess what I shared with my friend.. lol). It was a rib steak , I prefer a strip loin or NY cut. Another thing that I want to point out is that it was served on a wooden board that was ‘well used’ .

Didn’t these go out of style years ago? It is unsanitary, I don’t care which way you cut it, no pun intended .. but it is unsanitary , period! I really wasn’t going to share this with you but what the heck I write about everything else, I was making a few trips to the ladies room that evening. If you get served something on a wooden board send it back and ask them to replate it. (I will take my own advice next time after that incident)

Oh.. I also want to mention I ordered the special cocktail of the day, some muddled pineapple with contreau, the small 4 to 6oz glass was rimmed with three coloured sugars  and filled with ice, no garnish just the sugar (12.00). I guess I expected something really nice and was really disappointed!

Would I go back..? Not likely, my friend definitely will not be going back. He will however be telling everyone about his over rated pasta dish as I tell everyone about the sad little drink that was grossly overpriced!

Yes the trend is to less food, no sides and of course made from scratch. My point here is to say a happy customer is a repeat customer. Follow a trend if you like but at what expense?

My friends little pasta dish was 26.00 (the catering company in my second life and still going strong) will come to your place and BBQ a 10oz c/c triple A steak with five sides.. for that price! (well you will need another 49 friends as well for us to come to your place) My 8oz steak was 36.00 and included a halfbaked stuffed potatoes and a green leafy salad on the same board. The price was fine with me but  same catering company will serve you a “Pitchfork Steak Fondue” plus five sides, along with your 49 friends for that price.. just sayin.

In the first scenario they should have acknowledged my cousins complaint and offered her up something. Second case I’m not sure. They will be busy enough because of the hype until it all wears down I guess.

My cousin and I have signed up to go to Prince Albert (an hour away) for aqua-fit classes twice a week for the summer. We (along with her daughter and a friend)  had lunch there yesterday at Original Joes (my choice as I crossed my fingers and hoped to god it was gonna be ok). I haven’t been to a ‘OJoes’ in a couple years, and I was not disappointed. noodle bowl

The service was excellent and so was the food, the choices were so abundant we really had a hard time narrowing it down! Our server (Brianna)helped us with our decisions. We sat out on the patio (and weathered a small rainstorm that turned sunny again). We had a pacific rim noodle bowl , sirloin steak salad, beef burger sliders and a chicken salad wrap (all the exotic names escape me as I write this). The cost was under 20.00 each with drink and tip. We give it a four thumbs up and will eat here again next week!

All the pictures on this post are from Original JoesOriginal Joes sliders

Now I really do need to find those sneakers .. we may have to start running to PA to work off all this eating out.Chicken wrap


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  1. So well said and I would definitely go back to Original Joe’s in Prince Albert. Awesome food and service. Don’t we all ask our friends and family “Where is a good place to eat?” Just saying

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