Sandbox wars..

imagesGSSPB6VQThis is something I struggle with and maybe you do as well. My own kids have differing views and I want to write it down and maybe make sense of it. The main reason is the uneasiness I feel brewing in myself and my country.

Immigration is such a hot topic right now and everyone has an opinion. Some openly share their views while others quietly stew or struggle with their feelings. I go both ways ..  sharing and stewing..

“They come over here and get welfare and free medical and then send for their whole family to come and freeload off of our social welfare system… that WE PAY FOR!” “We have our own homeless and needy to look after.” “We bring in terrorists and gangs and we are going to be the next targets!”untitled (73)

A couple things bubble to the surface in my mind.. most of us already know we are the second largest country in the world, Russia beating us by a longshot. I bet you didn’t know this.. population wise we only rank 38th with barely a half percentage point of the worlds total 7.9 billion people!

Putting this into perspective, lets say there are a hundred people checked into this nice Canadian hotel.. I am the only Canadian among the guests from all over the world. What’s this.. I have the whole hotel at my disposal while the other 99 and a half guests have to stay in one room only .. with only a half bath!

images (110)The Russian owns the twice as big hotel beside me, has no guests in his hotel, well maybe he has a few hidden away in the cellar 3%, but he just doesn’t play well with others. He has also decided he doesn’t like his nieghbours in the house next door and has annexed it for his own .. well he is letting them live in it.. for now.

The American on my other side has his own hotel too, slightly smaller than mine, although he lets his 100 guests share 5 rooms including bathrooms, he plays nicey nice inside his hotel. Not so the outside though, he has erected a wall so his Mexican neighbors cannot get in and pee in his pool.

Size wise we have Russia, Canada and the Americans. Population wise, quit a different mater. As mentioned my country only has less than half of a percentage point of the worlds population at 36 million. Russia has much more at 145 million while the U.S has many more at 321 million.images (112)

America is the third largest Country in the world with the third largest population, but even then it is only 5% of the worlds people! China and India (with Indonesia catching up fast) each have a billion more people than both Russia and the United States! 1.3 billion for China and 1.2 billion for India.

untitled (75)Our Hotels front up to a huge sandbox for us all to play in. I am trying to bring in some new friends from outside the box. That darn Russian is kicking sand in everyone’s face because he has no one to play with. Will you look at that..  the Americans are industriously building all these amazing sand walls and they are a sight to behold!

It’s very lonely in my corner, if I didn’t invite people in that don’t have a sandbox or hotel room (there are roughly 65 million displaced people in the world.. TWICE our population) to come play with me, my corner would eventually be empty.

We are declining in population, with-out immigration we will have 0 population growth in as short as 20 years.

The Russian wants the whole dam sandbox to himself so he can make the rules and be king of the castle. The Americans are so busy building walls against their friendly neighbors.. they are quickly becoming anti-social in the process ..  I’m not sure they can build a wall high enough to keep the world out.

untitled (74)I can’t even imagine what China and Indias sandbox looks like .. pretty crowded I’m thinking.  Then we have the countries in conflict and the terrorists. They covet the neighbors sand and the others just want to shit and piss in everyones box.. also trying to lure our children into doing the same.. dam them!images (111)

Our collective sandboxes are full of immigrants, we are not all natives to these countries we have the privilege of living in. Do you think we have the right to hoard all our sand so no one else can play in it?

oh.. and while we are playing in the sand our hotel rooms need cleaning and someone needs to make our coffee and serve us our fast food burger. We stick up our noses at these jobs but there are people ‘dying’ to even have a hope of doing any job and having a bed to call their own.. and I mean dying in the literal sense.

images (113)Here is something to think about. The Muslim population is the fastest growing in the world and will surpass the Christians with-in fifty years.. just sayin….images (114)