for my granddaughter .. ‘the circle of love’

imagesNG5U7A5FThe circle was a long time coming. When you are waiting for a pregnancy it can be the longest wait in the world. Only those who have experienced this can know the heart-ache of another monthly no show.

imagesA1SJZ4JFNow the joy finally is a possibility and everything changes, the family dynamics are taking a turn as well. The nieces and nephews that received special attentions will have their nose out of joint. Childless couples will feel an ache.

Even the parents of the joyful couple will get a little twinge.. we will be relegated into a different role. This is as it should be, as we well know from having our own babies. This is a part of the circle of life.. it will continue until we are all in the ground.

The hard part about all this.. is trusting that the circle will expand to include even more love. How do you explain that to a teenager? “There won’t be less love.. there will be more!” You, dear child, will be the best auntie or uncle. That little baby will light up your life as you will light up his or hers, with your presence.

I want to run out and buy baby stuff .. I’ll get to go directly into the kids departments again when shopping. You have no idea how much I missed that! There is going to be another little person that is going to be so happy when they see me .. and will not be rolling their eyes, when I want to keep hugging them.images753NLKAD

I wont have to get that job as a ‘cuddler’ because I will finally have someone to cuddle again. Someone I can love unconditionally and will love me back the same.. well.. until they turn into a teenager. My application for the ‘cuddler job’ did not prove fruitful anyway.. hmmm…

Finally .. your grown-up kids will get to show you their own superior and unique parenting skills. “when I have my own kids, I will let them have what-ever they want!” Have at it dear child of mine.. you did good, your daughter now lives with me and she is such a joy! (graduated and living on her ‘own’ she pays rent and we are roomies : )

I can still remember you leaving home upon graduating so you could ‘be free’. Oh .. except for laundry everyday (for one pair of jeans), because you had a coin operated washing machine which was not emancipated yet.

We, as parents get to see our direst prediction come true, “when you have kids I hope you have one just like you!” That one is as old as mankind I think, as the mom screamed at her kids drawing pictures all over the cave walls.

imagesQWK23XO8The best part will be seeing him or her exploring and experiencing life, as it unfolds every new day. We get to have a hand in molding this beautiful new being.. “don’t go into the basement, the boogie man lives there!” Well ok, so I didn’t know that one would actually still haunt my teenaged granddaughter .. she even named him Fred.

We don’t have a basement in our condo .. but ‘Fred’ gurgles up from the sink every once in awhile and scares the shit outta me too! The boogie man thing was maybe a bit too much .. just tell em an alligator lives down there and then when they get a little older you can pretend to slay it!

Why didn’t I think of that for the boogie man .. oh well.. that’s why you need to have more than one child. We get to correct our mistakes. Even though I don’t have a basement .. I think an alligator should work for the pool .. right?images58MUZW6M

I can hardly wait to foist my great stories onto another pair of virgin ears that will believe everything I say. “What is a bunion anyway?” “Well there is a type of onion that when baked into a dinner roll .. and then eaten , makes its way down to your foot.. because it is heavier than regular buns..” (My granddaughters boyfriend was unfortunate enough to ask me that question just last week… I love it!!)

imagesDCB2X09WIn case you missed it.. I AM HAVING A BABY !!!!  The circle of love grows and expands to include all of us and that includes you .. my dear sweet granddaughter and you as well my favorite grandson….

I love being pregnant and eating for two… just sayin..