Between the sheets.. are you Hooked?

imagesS00LPLONHere is an unusual job in the service industry that I bet you didn’t know about. How about being a professional ‘cuddler’? Is that even a job.. and where do I apply? I love to cuddle but being single and older there are not many opportunities available to me.

Accidently groping the sexy bartenders butt as he serves me my drink is as close to human contact as I get sometimes. I am just kidding, or am I? I have been drinking a lot more in bars lately.. hmmm

We need human contact to thrive and survive, but my grandkids get annoyed when I hug them too long. What is it with teenagers anyway, hugging grandparents should be mandatory. Is this why so many of my friends have those barky little dogs .. do you think?images0YN87ZF0

Us ‘older folks’ see our doctors a lot as well. Maybe.. just maybe, that doctors appointment is the only physical ‘touch’ we may experience for some of us? Could that be why so many of us are medicated? Since when did being anxious require a prescription?

Did you know that half of the deaths in North America are directly or indirectly related to overdosing or complications from prescription drugs? Our own doctors are unwittingly killing us, and we are their willing accomplices, we ingest prescription drugs at an alarming rate!

When they say “hugs not drugs” I think that should also apply to us older seniors too. Even the mega star Prince was not immune.. nor Michael Jackson, Elvis was rumored to be highly medicated as well.

images (106)Do you have a grandparent or a friend experiencing erratic behavior or not quite with it? Are you thinking Alzheimer’s or dementia maybe? Check out their medicine cabinet or just even inquire to how many medications they are taking, you may get a surprising answer.

This cuddling business really could be the answer to a lot of our social woes don’t you think? When was the last time you got a heartfelt hug? When my kids drink too much I can usually count on a random hug and always from my inebriated nieces, oh and an ex-son-in-law..  ‘I love you hug’ was only when he was drunk! lolimagesADZ0QE0R

Which brings up another valid point.. ‘alcohol overload’ has a nice ring to it.. don’t you think? Much better than stinking drunk, right? Do you think the secret drinkers could use ‘cuddling therapy’ to ease whatever pain they are trying to escape?

Those that drink to excess so they can ‘be someone’ or use it as a crutch to behave badly or act like an idiot.. well maybe cuddling is not for them. Rehab comes to mind.. my mind anyways. They may find love but I guarantee you the person they find will have need of hugs.. god help them.

Sometimes I am in desperate need of some ‘cuddling’, well maybe not desperate, but this could work both ways. The need to be cuddled and people that will pay for cuddling… hmmm. Could be a match made just for me and how many others I wonder?

images1V6305P6Looking up the ‘cuddler site’ opened up my eyes ..BIG TIME! Want to know what I found out? This is big business and not only do they have sites in all of the states but all across Canada too.

A code of ethics .. what is proper attire.. how to respond to erotic situations, signing something to the effect that NO SEXUAL CONTACT  is permitted. A price list for hourly or overnight cuddling along with mileage. All of this is looking pretty good so far.

Now I click to check out the list of official ‘cuddlers’ .. all have been screened and have basic training I’m thinking. This is where it all fell apart for me.images (109)

My choice consisted of mostly college age females (included pictures, even a few risqué pictures .. which I found odd, for a no sexual contact site.)  all were pretty, most working their way through school. No seniors, no middle age ladies and no males.

This same site has been interviewed for a program on CBC Radio One and also many more media places have given exposure to these people. Now I am not going to say the obvious here because I don’t want to get sued for libel or something but …

images (107)If you would like to apply for a job with them it appears you need to be a female of younger years and it is best if you are able to host. Which means your place is the designated ‘cuddle spot’ but a hotel or motel will be ok. Most of the people that need cuddling.. and the site does not discriminate or judge.. are men over 50 yrs old.. really..  YOU BE THE JUDGE…

PS I am not judging, getting older has mellowed me. False advertising especially with our CBC Government owned radio station, promoting this site, just doesn’t sit well with me. Now if they had all ages of cuddlers on there, male included, I might never have written this piece. Lets get real!

rich man, poor man

beggar man… chief

snuggler, cuddler

hooker or thief?

Here is an update to my blogging about this site.. I sent in an application!! Yes I did.. I wanted to know if this was a legit site. I needed to include a photo copy of my drivers license as well as a photo of me. I was hesitant but did it for ‘the story’! They said it would take twenty-four hours to process my application and they would confirm within that time. THAT WAS TWO WEEKS AGO..  ! I have not heard anything from them.  Being over sixty yrs old and not working my way through school must have me at a disadvantage.. are they discriminating against me I wonder?