resume of passion and foolishness

A resume was required to put my name up for consideration to be on a local charity board. I actually really wanted to be on this board. I thought I could bring something of value and a different outlook on engaging people to create an awareness of their cause.

Sending something that I wrote for a big tradeshow magazine, on being chosen as an ambassador for my peers, seemed to fit the bill. I was assured that if more was needed they would let me know. I was not contacted, nor chosen, and yes, I was disappointed. There is so much in me to share.. well those reading my blog probably already know this.

Never having had to write a resume probably put me at a disadvantage. Being an entrepreneur my whole life always assured me a job.. with me as the boss. Having been fired from my first job, after working there a year, I decided to start my own business. This became my slogan “I started my own business so no one could fire me”!

The thing is.. I had no clue about running a business, but that never stopped me. As a matter of fact not knowing what lies ahead is sometimes a good thing. Had I known I would work longer and harder than at any other job I ever had, well.. maybe things would be different.

Truth is.. I love a challenge, thank goodness for that! Challenges awaited me around every corner, not being a quitter, I tackled them all as best I could. Some challenges were full speed ahead “bring it on” while others made me quietly weep.

Having to fire my first employee took me months of soul searching and anxiety.. in the end it was her or me! She took it way better than I. Maybe it was the memory of my own dismissal, from a job I worked my heart out for?

Being fired is a sobering reality, but I had a business to run. Never burn your bridges and never be mean.. and do give notice if things are not going well. Letting someone go is never easy, but it is necessary sometimes, to running a successful business.

Loving your job or getting satisfaction from what you do, is crucial I think. There have been those fill-in jobs that you need to be able to live, waitressing was one of those for me. Making the best of it or finding something good in what you do helps. I loved waiting on people, I liked the back and forth banter with the cooks and customers. I hated the long hours and being on my feet all day.

You do what you have to do, to make a living. Those long tough hours made me more determined to follow my passion, to be a hairstylist. Quitting school in grade ten was maybe the dumbest mistake I ever made. I needed grade ten to enter the beauticians course. In the end I ‘fudged’ the entry papers to get into the Marvel School.

I did lead a challenging life (running away from home at age 12 comes to mind) but getting that beauticians degree was so important to me. With a little help from my grandfather, money wise, I was able to follow that dream. Even with the help, I still needed to put in eight hours as a waitress, after attending hairdressing school the first part of the day.

Being young and foolish.. didn’t stop me from also finding time to date and stay out all night, sometimes. My passion knew no bounds in work and play, it seems.. but I digress. We do dumb things that should derail us, but maybe that passion keeps us focused or driven?

I still marvel at that time in my life.. it could so easily have taken a wrong turn, by my foolishness. Thank goodness there were people in my life that helped guide me and believed in me. Of course I believed in myself as well, although looking back on it ‘what was I thinking?’

The foolish part was quitting grade ten. Dating and running around all hours while trying to finish school and holding down a fulltime job, was also stupid. Maybe that is where the challenges came in.. how the heck can I drag myself out of bed to get to school by nine when I just got in an hour ago?

My choices during that time were iffy and sometimes I didn’t get to school, maybe more often than I care to admit. I never lost sight of my goal though, and it took me twice as long than others to reach it! (well not quite but that is another story)

Having passion for something will keep you motivated, challenges will spur you on and keep you fighting to achieve your goals.

(Foolishness though, will derail everything and that includes alcohol, drugs and running around.. and I will quit all of that when I get into my eighties!)

Right now I need to get on with the resume of my life…