Dearest Emily

Thank you for inviting me to your virtual Tupperware Party. It was such a sweet invitation and how do I put this nicely? I would actually rather stick needles in my eyes than attend a Tupperware party .. or not so nicely.. “slit my wrists now!” I went to one once and I also got married once .. both were excruciating and one more so because it seemed to last a lifetime.

It was indestructible at first, but after awhile I found myself looking for the pieces of what once was. The whole thing just sort of fell apart literally, piece by piece, my joy replaced with confusion and guilt. What did I do wrong.. I thought I had it all together, I enjoyed the status it provided and I was the envy of my friends .. “wow she has it all” I imagined them whispering.

Alas.. clinging desperately to the pieces that were left, just seemed futile. After 40 years of marriage, I threw in the towel. I still have that one iconic piece of Tupperware though and it will probably outlive me. One miniature white Tupperware salt shaker without a mate.. how depressing is that?

More depressing is the fact that the Tupperware outlasted the marriage and it still taunts me to this day. I run across it in my junk drawer once in awhile and it screams out at me… LOSER!

Mea culpa.. may god have mercy on my soul, I just threw that sucker into the garbage bin!


copyright march 17th 2018

my new food savers bahahaha


1 thought on “Dearest Emily

  1. What the reader needs to know, is I NEEDED the “Zest ‘N Press Gadget”…actually I was planning on ordering 6 because it is my #RetroRad go-to kitchen tool!

    After talking with a friend of a friend who sells Tupperware I was signed up to not only buy my gadget BUT also host a party (yes, we all get suckered into these things at least once in our lives)!!

    This now Tupperware party hostess with the most-est invites you ALL to my virtual Tupperware party AND to see for yourself how awesome this tool (referring to my gadget, not anything related to Cherylle’s Tupperware and/or husband of yesteryear) is:

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