China finally has it right!

Justin Bieber banned from China because of previous bad behavior! Wow what a novel concept, eh? Is that like getting kicked off the island? OR go to your room but never come out again, until you learn how to behave! I personally think that is so cool.

Behaving badly in public or anywhere for that matter should have consequences don’t you think? The child throwing a tantrum when he doesn’t get his way. Executive’s dipping into the company funds for bonuses when the company is in financial distress. Husbands leaving the toilet seat up!

Telling bold faced lies and making accusations about people without any basis. Getting drunk around the campfire and making an ass of yourself.. ooops, that was my sister… so ok, it was me. There is exceptions of course .. well maybe that time at the bar… hmmmm, well like I said, there are exceptions.

The time has come to start giving out consequences for bad behavior. It seems we are seeing it everywhere lately and, I for one, am sick of it! Do we really need to witness all this shit on TV and social media that is in our face all the time? How much are we going to consume of it before we say ENOUGH..  ALREADY!

Whatever happened to good manners and ‘mind your tongue?’ I have seen stuff on FB that can’t be erased and heard things that should never have been said out loud. We are not a third world country that has starvation, extreme poverty and threats of violence, as everyday problems. There are people that struggle just to stay alive in some war-torn areas.

Spouting off phrases like “he should be assassinated” really offend me.. even if it is someone I agree with (which I don’t btw). Why make a Martyr out of some loudmouth idiot.. ooops, my outside voice. See.. this is the point, lets keep our outside voices civil and by all means spout away with your inside voice.. have at it!

We are a civilized world, and I include Europe, the middle east and Asian countries, hmmm I am geographically challenged but you get my drift. North America is only newly civilized but by God we are behaving very badly and the world is watching us!

Someone should invent mouth mufflers or screeners to weed out the offensive dialogs taking place today. Our own Prime Minister, golden boy that he is to most of the world, is being ‘assassinated’ by our very own country persons. I wonder.. did he leave the toilet seat up at that persons FB page?

He’s young and has three kids.. and I’m sure he wants those kids to be proud of him, and his job to keep our country strong. But I digress.. we really need to put a stop to all this carnage. Bad behavior should have consequences and I would absolutely hate to be banned from my own country!.. just sayin..

As Canadians, we are known for our politeness. If we don’t like something or someone, we don’t need to say rude, crude and downright evil things about them, never mind spouting off about ending their lives. What’s acceptable now in America is not acceptable here.. at least not by me.

Bad behavior should be punished .. China has the right idea on that track and I like it. Don’t attack me about Chinas political agendas .. I’m just getting a point across. We raise our children with high standards and it’s about time we paid attention to our own manners.. be it on social media or in public anywhere.

Keep your inside voice to yourself and for christs sake put the dam toilet seat down!!! #$%@#$%