Racism .. alive and well, there are no borders in our hearts

Back home a storm is brewing over a verdict absolving a man from shooting another man that was trespassing on his farm. It only makes sense to look further upon reading this to find out the details surrounding this incident, except for one minor detail. One was white and one was first nations. How many of you reading this jumped to the obvious conclusion? You are not alone.. I did too.

I even went one further and ‘liked’ a face book post of people rising up and objecting to the not guilty verdict favoring the farmer! I am NOT a racist and I struggle to be a fair and good person. I was quick to like that post.. but upon deeper investigation, it is a lose/lose scenario. A young man lost his life and a farm family is scarred forever. There are no sides here..  only degrees of mis-understandings.

Being far removed from what is happening in my home Province, this story settled into the back burner of my brain. Cooking euphemisms..  can’t get away from them. I was startled and dumbfounded when not an hour later an incident occurred right here ‘in my face’ where the ‘nigger’ word was used not once but three times!

After objecting to this word.. it was repeated twice more. I seriously thought that this word had been eradicated from the English language.. WOW! This person was not only flippant and unapologetic, but dead serious about this word being alright to use. My response to this person was my response to all that use racist terminology in my presence.. it is unacceptable.. PERIOD!

We really need to get rid of all these ugly words used to describe our fellow human beings. Why not get rid of black and white as well? Lets call everyone either a male or female human. “A group of younger male and female humans trespassed onto an older farmer humans family property with the intent of stealing.. the culmination of this event resulted in one of the younger male humans dying”.

This may not be a panacea for all the worlds troubles.. but it is a dam good start don’t you think?

“we were not born with borders in our hearts”