just call me ‘Mick’ .. as in Jagger

The #catersource2018 conference in Vegas was not only chock full of education.. but hands on learning experiences. Sharing our catering stories gives us release, knowledge, and just soothes our sometimes battered catering souls. One story that came hurtling into my head at breakfast this morning was about Mick Jagger.

My friend and I are seated and having breakfast at a new place we are trying out here in Yuma-land. One of the employees is moving chairs and tables around and scrapping them on the tile floor and making a huge noise. I looked at her and pursed my lips and made the silent shhhhhh sound.. in answer to this, she jerked another chair rudely across the tile.. hmmmm

Several of our classes at the conference were on hiring and training staff. Getting good people and keeping them motivated is an ongoing process for us all. Customer and client service is all important in the food industry.. without customers or clients.. we don’t have a job.. period!

I am still not feeling well and suffering with a head cold. I ordered some hot tea at breakfast. The tea was so soothing and was like manna for my soul. Upon catching the servers eye and asking for more hot water please, she said.. and I quote “not right now, I am sweeping the floor”.

This brings me to relate the story that hurtled into my head.. to my breakfast buddy.

A catering guru friend of mine was overseeing a party where Jagger was a guest. Towards the end of the evening a server went around with hot chocolate and asked if he would like one. “Bloody hell no.. a rum and coke would be nice though” he said.. she demurred that she only had hot chocolate and couldn’t get him a drink.

My catering Guru friend overheard this and stepped in and said “I will get that drink for you right away Mr. Jagger”.. to which he replied  “oh please.. just call me Mick”.  True story my friends. The client is always first and foremost and we need to be mindful of that.

We won’t be soon back to this place, which is too bad, because they had a lovely breakfast pizza that I would highly recommend. Btw.. that was TWO different staff members that were rude to us, the one with the chair and the one sweeping the floor.

I may be a little petty (and sick) but dam.. the first one would have been fired on the spot from my company. The floor sweeper would have gotten more training.. alas.. sometimes we hire anyone with a pulse, and that my friends is the sad truth.