procrastination .. the mother of ‘invention’ ?

imagesTCJ5SUD1Packing up to go somewhere is slightly more exciting than packing to go home. Sticking needles in my eyes comes to mind as an alternative.. god how I hate this chore. Where and how did I ever accumulate so much stuff? Well .. I can understand clothes and shoes, and jewelry doesn’t count.

The rituals of closing up my place here are much different than closing down the cabin for winter. Draining the water lines so the pipes don’t freeze will not happen at plus 117 degrees. Here we plastic wrap the toilets and water tanks .. and fill the sinks and bathtub with water.

As I am packing the car.. I decided to take a break and have a coffee.. may as well check fb. Not a lot of action on fb this morning so I check out the stats counter on my blog to see how many are actually reading what I write. This I find fascinating.. first off that anybody even reads my stuff still amazes me.. and a reader in India and Afghanistan blows my mind.

I know.. it doesn’t take much to make me happy. I kind of go with the flow.. like right now, deciding to write a little something, and not getting back to the task at hand. I was supposed to leave Sunday or Monday morning but here it is Thursday morning.. wow times fly’s when you’re having fun eh?

ok.. where was I.. oh ya sticking needles in my eyes, I hate packing to leave slightly less than the needles. The packing is not so bad maybe it is the cleaning and the washing and trying to remember everything that needs to be done. I forgot I needed to do bank stuff and Monday was a holiday so that’s my excuse to stay until Tuesday.imagesD2WQRTCM

Wednesday just got away from me. I was  sorting through all the accumulated paraphernalia I needed to get my business off the ground. Being an inventor is much more messy than being a writer. Omg I just called my self a writer.. so ok, blogger.

I have so much plastic and markers and tape and .. well a ton of miscellaneous things I used to get my product off the drawing board. Then all the bills associated with trying to get this baby to market.. seems I need to find them all for a tax return that is two months late.

images (75)So you see a pattern starting to take shape here.. I need an assistant! I wonder how many ‘Invisa-bibs tm’ I need to sell so I can hire an assistant? The bigger problem that awaits is getting all my bibs across the border .. now that is a story I need to tell, and I will when I become the ‘bib’ queen or the queen of drips.. or.. ok enough.

Most everything distracts me, even my own writing. I start off to write about an important event and end up writing about my love life. Now that is always an important event in my life or lack of it, same thing. That’s one of the things marriage has going for it, a steady flow of passionate nights..

Ok I picked myself up from rotfl or is it lmfo .. whatever.. I guess I don’t miss being married. Well I do miss having a man to do the man stuff but hey.. I learned how to ride that mower last summer! Easy lube changed my oil much faster than him and didn’t complain either. Did I mention how cute he was and he brought ME coffee too! I think he wanted me.. lmfo.images (83)

This is what happens most days, I start out with good intentions but I like to follow the butterflies. Does that make sense? I was packing and now I am writing and on my second cup of coffee. Part of me wants to get the packing finished but another part of me wants to stay here.. add to that my love of packing.. ya right!

IMG_2759It is supposed to be 109 degrees today .. what will that feel like.. and 118 on Saturday? Omg I need to finish this packing, my bathing suit is buried away somewhere and I am not about to unpack to find it. It is 7:34 am and 82 degrees already and it is lovely.. god I love this place.

… think I will just do a quick check of fb again, then resume the task at hand…

oh.. and my business site for my bibs is ‘ ‘ have a peek.. I need an assistant, just sayin..