Memorial Day tribute .. for my American friends

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My winter home is in Yuma Az. and although a lot of my fellow Canadians visit or reside here, most of my friends are American. We sometimes have a language barrier.. either I am asking them to repeat something, to explain something, or they are telling me to say it again.. slower.

The most flack I get is from my good friend Judy, she keeps correcting my pronunciation of certain words. I finally had to tell her I was speaking the queens English and for her to quit barking.. it is roooof .. not ruff! Judy is an equal opportunity corrector.. she corrects my Spanish words as well .. Do Not pronounce the ll’s in tortilla.. ok already.. geez.untitled (47)

I try to stay out of debating politics here .. lord knows we have our own opinions back home on ours. This being memorial day and honoring all who fought and those who died for our freedoms, I feel an urge to speak out this morning..

images (90)My dad also fought in world war two.. he never would talk about it. In my travels cruising some parts of the world I came upon a war cemetery in Busan, South Korea, honoring all the fallen soldiers that fought in the Korean war. This place was huge and amazing!

They had a whole section of Canadian soldiers that had died fighting there. The American one was also very impressive. Who knew that people from other countries, where we fought, took such pains to honour our fighting fallen heroes.images8NG70X3Y

I was so engrossed in reading the headstones that a soldier guard came over to me and gestured that I shouldn’t be walking over the grass.. it was disrespectful. He was very polite and it warmed my heart to see the respect they showed for our soldiers.

untitled (49)We take much for granted these days and sometimes we forget..  those that still live and have fought will never forget. My dad wouldn’t discuss it because he said it was something you never want to know..  it was that bad.

This brings me to my thoughts this morning on Memorial day. Americans are getting a bum rap from most of the world and it is in my opinion very ‘two-faced’! Yes, I correct someone that assumes I am American, I also have a Canadian flag logo on my luggage when I travel.

BUT.. you will never hear me diss the Americans .. EVER! This is not because I am a part time resident here or that I have lots of American friends. See here is the thing.. We need the United States more than they need us. I’m not talking just Canada here, I am including the world.images0GTI6G0C

What country is the first to respond when trouble is brewing? What country do we depend upon when democracy is threatened? Who do we turn to when Russia and China and even that North Korean crazy guy threatens us? The Americans are always on call and that alone deserves everyone’s respect!

I include Canada when they threaten the U.S because if you fall so do we and so does the rest of the free world for that matter.

imagesE5AW0SERJust another point I want to share this morning, I also would never diss the president either. I feel when you disrespect your leaders (elected by the majority) to people from other countries you are not instilling respect for your homeland. It’s kinda like your family .. it is ok for you to hate them but don’t let anyone else rag on them!

My god.. anyone that takes on the burden of running a country deserves at least a little support. Do you really think these leaders take this job just to see if they can run the country into the ground? Well do you? Common sense should be making a comeback.. I hope to live long enough to see it.

Anyone thinking of sending me hate mail.. please don’t, my opinion counts for nothing. I am only telling you how I feel and I feel you are

Trumps Nonesense
Trumps Nonesense

getting a bum rap and it’s time we try to change that, right? Common sense.. ‘Trumps Nonsense’. hmmm (I hope you ‘got’ that one)

People making snide remarks about Americans also get a dose of this.. “and if your country is threatened by a crazy despot.. who do you think you will call?” It won’t be Canada, I can tell you that much.

I love my home here and really like my American friends. No Judy.. I don’t think we should join your country and be ‘ONE’  (she keeps harping on this) you would have to learn to speak Canadian and that might be too rough on you.. pronounced “ruff”.

imagesGPVJIJVRI have the deepest respect for America and am grateful I have a political, safe secure home here. We all pay a price to be able to live in a free country “Lest We Forget”.