Playing with knives.. sort of like life!

pineapple palm

I don’t know why I was surprised that some could screw up slicing an orange. Well ok.. I confess to being guilty of killing a paper bird.. in an origami class. Seems all those folds were impossible for me to get a grip on. I wonder if being directionally challenged has any relationship with following origami instructions..?

When my neighbor Barb slit her oranges neck.. (well it was a slice from end to end, which conjured up an image in my minds eye) making it almost  impossible to create an orange flower, I shrieked “you killed your orange!” as my origami instructor had once shrieked at me! Barb was a good sport though, and took it well, as were all of the girls at this event (for the Parkie people of which I am one). In my winter home in Yuma Az.

My zucchini vegetable display.

My friend Linda thought it would be ‘nice’ if I contributed something, to our collective. The goal is to keep our clubhouse ‘extra curricular’ scene fresh and interesting. I observed that everyone here eats dessert first at our clubhouse functions..(well.. we are all old enough to do what we want now .. or.. are we gradually returning back to our childhood habits…hmmm) ) maybe I could do a Just Desserts thing?

Playing with knives would definitely up the ante on this ‘Just Desserts’. So I included a carving class and stocked up on bandages. I was going to attend a huge convention for caterers and chefs from around the world, and I knew I would get a ton of ideas for my little event back here.

Edible chocolate spoon s’mores fruit skewer

Turns out the conference had me so busy that there was little chance for me to explore dessert possibilities. Check out my blog for those adventures. So there I was and it was a week away.. I had already ordered the edible spoons. So if you attended my event and are reading this and are wondering “what the heck.. what spoons?” keep reading…

Let me explain what we didn’t have time for. I’m not pointing any fingers here.. but.. if ‘we’ could have been a little more ‘adept’ in class, we would have had more time and we could have made the Edible Spoon s’mores dessert… just sayin. Please check out my friends website he was gracious enough to donate these to me. Thank you Jack Milan!

Emily Ellyn, Taco Jack , Jack Milan and me

The event got closer and I started making some of my favorite desserts.. always missing one darn ingredient and having to run to the store yet again. Good thing Walmart is only blocks away.. and a curse on them for having all those sales on when I am shopping for one missing ingredient! The cinnamon on my last foray cost me 70 dollars! American money! (this includes three bathing suits for my new little granddaughter and a Walmart dress for her nana)

photo : Edibles by Jack

Well it is event day and thank goodness.. I am slowly going broke running to the store everyday for ‘one thing’. My mini sandwiches was my inspiration piece. I was thinking dainty sandwiches that we used to serve (and maybe some still do) at showers. I made them out of cake and had fillings of lemon and blueberries, banana crème, pistachio pudding with sliced kiwi and cookies and crème.

Firefly appetizer done for another event.

That was my most challenging dessert.. well actually, the Oreo cheesecake balls, made into lollipops and coated with chocolate, was the one I had to resort to plan B with. I ended up with the decadent balls in a pool of powdered sugar and added raspberries .. but, they started out life as lollipops!

Life is sorta like this class we just did. We have all the ingredients .. well some didn’t, and had to share their apples, and make compromises as well.. just like in real life. One didn’t have a clue but enthusiastically dived in anyway and made a swan/turtle cross.. hmmm. Others were short for legs on their turtles so I suggested they improvise with the oranges gone wrong!

It should be stated here that we carved apple swans and turtles.. as in life, it was a cross section of  species.. green and red, we had green swans and red turtles or visa-versa.. some had identity issues. I definitely spotted some special needs animals as well.

Being a creative lot and short on apple parts, some turtles got green gapes for heads.. genius! As stated, some of the  turtles got oranges for legs and one turtle wanted to be a ballerina and got, orange wedged, tippy-toe feet! One swans neck rivalled that of a giraffe.. she named her April.

I GAINED A WHOLE NEW PERSPECTIVE ON TEACHERS! Wow.. who knew it could be so exhausting. By the time we got to the radish and tomatoe roses, I had totally forgotten about the edible spoons s’mores dessert. The roses were more complicated and picky.. but we muddled through and before I knew it .. it was wrap up time!

a vegetable display I did years ago for a corporate account.

Earlier while making several trips to set up this event, I decided that it would not only be my first but also my last. BUT as in life.. these delicious surprises unfold, and oh my godness, I had so much fun and laughed so hard my stomache hurt!!

The knowledge gained from this experience will make me a better teacher next time around.. right? I hope my class enjoyed it as much as I did. Life is all about interacting with others and sharing our joy and knowledge.. and it doesn’t get any better than this.

Well maybe some of us shouldn’t play with knives, but how dull a life that would be.. right?