personal ‘hotspot’ .. letters from a Princess

images2NLZJ3BVHe really hadn’t changed that much.. thinner maybe, working out in the gym, he said. Growing a stache of sorts sporting an unshaven look. My girlfriend and I have booked this short cruise to reconnect with JT (John Thomas), the DJ on Princess cruises. I wonder how many guests book this way, so they can renew old friendships made on these ships? We also stayed in touch via 4

Three years ago we took a repositioning cruise on Diamond Princess to China, via Alaska , Japan, Russia and south Korea. We decided to stay in shape by dancing every night in the disco.. well we did have drinks as well.. but that is not the point. I have a few great stories about that trip.. see my blog on travel.

We were sometimes the only dancers up in the Skywalker lounge/disco and it was inevitable that JT noticed us. He invited us to play trivia on his team one afternoon. I’m sure he thought that us being so  old we would know lots of trivia shit.. boy was he wrong! Being old only makes you forget most trivia crap you ever knew in the first place. Ah well.. he took us under his wing 5

We had such good fun and we seem to share the same sarcastic humor as well. How is it you pick up where you left off with some people you meet and it just flows? We seem to  have a maternal instinct happening with JT. We think he is pretty special and sometimes he thinks the same….lol. (that’s for you JT in case you are reading my blog)jt ship

Turns out he has a Samsuck phone and everyone knows how much I hate Samsung.. I even wrote a letter to the CEO (of  Samsung Cananda) I was that upset with my pos (piece of shit) phone. I can’t even tell you how many times it went back to the factory the first year only to be returned 6 weeks later still sporting the same problems! Ok.. I will tell you.. FOUR TIMES!!!imagesOKST4295images (56)

I find out he has a ‘hot spot’ and now I am sticking like glue to him so I can get free internet. He talks to his Google on his samsuck and I talk to siri on mine.. we have a war of phones going on. Which phone is smarter??? hmmmm I have been badmouthing his phone so much he threatens to cut me off, I backtrack.. somewhat .. ya.. old habits die hard. (he has the hot spot so he wins this battle… lol) His does take better pictures though.jt

We do lunch and end up doing supper every night as well. We also meet up to take in  Catalina Island and Ensenada. We catch up on our lives, he is immersed in the cruising life and why not? God.. the food and the pampering.. what is not to like? Girlfriend and I realize this cruise is much too short.. ‘what were we thinking?’images (24)

Four nights.. two ports of call and we were upgraded to a balcony with a 50.00 room credit .. each for 300 dollars! My god.. the food alone is worth MORE than that and the service is nonstop, they clean our cabin twice a day. We feel truly pampered .. did I mention we have a spa at our disposal? Free steam rooms and sauna, private hot tubs and pool.  Some ships charge extra for this! (robes no charge as well, just ask for them)photo 3

We want a job on this cruise line but we don’t want to work too hard. Maybe we could spin music.. I mean .. how hard can it be? JT is the best DJ on Princess Lines (heard that through the grapevine…lol) maybe he could teach us?

This cruise is just what the doctor ordered, girlfriend and I have been working non-stop for three weeks trying to get our homes we bought down south ‘setup for our ‘winter stay’. On the Golden Princess we have  movies under the stars, entertainment all over the ship and did I mention the fantastic food.. omg.. I could get used to this..untitled (17)

We had supper at Sabitinos on the last night and it was THE BEST LOBSTER (done three ways) I have tasted in a long, long time! Salvatore our waiter from Mexico was delightful (he was really good looking too, I wonder what you call an aging cougar.. lol).. he added to the ‘ambiance ‘ of our last night onboard. I sure hope they value employees like him AND John Thomas.

jt and sharonWe LOVE PRINCESS and we LOVE JT .. we also love the fact that we could have meals with him.. some cruise lines forbid employees inter-acting with the guests on their time off. Girlfriend and I really enjoy the employees on these ships and have made friends with a few. We only wish we could lose the two old ladies that ‘stalk us’ on these cruises.. they show up in all our photos wearing our clothes!!!