Parkie Life in the desert

parkielife6Well I am jumping in with both feet here.. into the Arizona Parkie life. A girlfriend and I decided to take a break from setting up our homes here to get more involved in our new surroundings, meet some of the Parkies. We are in an adult park (you need to be over 55 yrs to buy in here). Yep, hard to believe we qualify, acting any younger could get you thrown out.. hmmm maybe not.

We decided to do the monthly gals coffee gab at clubhouse. We had to set our alarms because it started at 8:00 am, that was a little tough. I could be up, but putting myself together in minutes is hard.. waking up usually takes me half and hour. While there, we sign up for a gals luncheon the next day, thanksgiving supper and another luncheon in two weeks.. whew, we are not gonna go hungry!

There is a bingo tonite and maybe we will go, or maybe just me. Girlfriend doesn’t want to contribute to others winnings haha (she is one of those kind of losers). I would rather go to the casino but all my money is going into furniture for my new ‘old’ home. Although the weather has been spectacular we have not partaken in it. I mean no lolling about at the pool, sipping margaritas.parkielife

We have been changing out toilets (see story, Arizona .. in the toilet) buying necessities, furnishing a house, painting, garbage runs, cleaning and in the middle of this we took a short cruise (see story, my personal hotspot.) Life is tough here in the desert.. but we are up for it, did I mention the sun is shinning?

We do take in the pool most nights, but it is late and the pool police kicks us out at 9:30, sometimes he is late so we get to enjoy it longer. We then go for coffee at IHop or such and shopping at Walmart. Walmart shopping after 11:00 pm is necessary to avoid the long lineups and the congestion in these stores. We happen to be night owls, so it suits us.

Rising early or late night shopping requires us to have a few naps during the day, ya.. I know, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Grocery shopping has not been a priority either so that necessitates us eating out.. darn, well we adapt to that easily enough lol. Cooking for one involves a lot of peanut butter, canned salmon, cereal, cheese and crackers. I am doing man stuff now.

Ok a little about our park. It encompasses about 190 units (mobile homes) not to be confused with ‘trailers’ as we were informed this morning! We are not ‘trailer trash’ no bikers here.. only the three wheeler kind, sorta like a trike, but for adults. The sun shines every day.

No overnight RVs either and no kids.. waw, only us ‘big kids’. We are locked in at night .. well you need a gate code to get in, lord help you if you forget it (I may have to spring 25.00 for the automatic opener). My memory is not the best being over 55 yrs old.

We have a pool and a hot tub with security cameras which kinda puts a damper on our midnight skinny dipping .. darn! I suppose we could put our panties over the cameras but we are vertically challenged so that’s not gonna happen. Besides.. you have to be wearing panties in the first place.

Here is the best part, are you ready? We are situated beside the railway yards.. underneath a freeway, the air force base and municipal airport is at the end of our street! I am not kidding.. you just know this has all the makings of a bad sit- com.. and I love it! And the sun shines every day.

So the other night I awoke to the wind howling, it was as noisy as a freight train and I thought, omg.. that is what a tornado might sound like! Then I remembered, oh right.. we are beside a train yard.

BUT I did awake to sand and fine dust EVERYWHERE.. except up the crack of my.. hmmm was that my outside voice? Ah well better than shoveling snow I guess.. and then there’s that sun, oh.. and no mosquitos!