Arizona Adventures.. in the toilet

images41FNKYG1 Well  I never thought I would be changing out a toilet.. literally. My girlfriend texted me for help and seeing as how we are both in the same boat, I had no choice but to dive in. This new life of mine with-out a man is giving me all sorts of new challenges.

I am also finding out that this ‘man stuff’ is not as hard or complicated as they make it out to be. Needless to say I was impressed with my girlfriends fearlessness in taking on this project. First off it involved not one (the takey outy one..) not two.. we got the new one into the bathroom and when we turned the bowl over we seen a minute’ crack.. but THREE bowls!! Made of cement .. well.. felt like it.

So back to the store to exchange the cracked one and now the hard part. It was actually not as complicated as it seems. Drain water.. oh .. don’t forget to shut off the water first! Then it is a matter of screws and we certainly know all  about screwing, well.. we just do.. righty tighty.. lefty loosey. What were you thinking?images4M405EYN

They come with a waxy ‘seal’ (we advise buying a spare just in case.. it is only five dollars). In fact I think all toilets should come with two seals???? One is for practice and when you see AND FEEL your mistake you dam sure aren’t going to make that mistake again!

Those suckers are heavy and the long screws have to be positioned just right and when you realize how the hell it works.. well the seal is toast.. you need to start again. This time..  balancing the bowl while you have your finger underneath it, keeping the allotted screw in the slotted spot (in all the wax) so it doesn’t creep out when you try to screw it down making it feel like it is stripped… omg…! That is just my side.. and that phrase.. “are you in?’ takes on a whole new meaning.imagesM8AYXDWI

Did I mention the small bathroom and the temps in the nineties? But ya know.. you can tell we aren’t married..  we did not yell at each other or raise our voices.. nor did we  point out all our inlaws shortcomings!!!! We just tried to figure it out while we were sweating buckets and even the water reservoir was a little tricky. That needs to be screwed on evenly btw.

Yes we are not virgins anymore.. we are now veterans of screwing on things and while others are collecting their pension checks it seems we have leaky faucets! So now we plan to buy some rubbers and I’m sure we can figure out where we are going to put those.images (54)

Our Arizona ‘nests’ are producing all sorts of challenges to test our ‘man skills’. And please.. don’t be writing me about equality crap.. unless you are the same age as me. We are from another era .. but not for long!

2 thoughts on “Arizona Adventures.. in the toilet

  1. Good job Cheryl and friend! Isn’t it such a greet feeling when you accomplish something you never thought you could do? Or even wanted to do? I installed a ceiling fan one time and woo-hoo-ed to anyone who would listen!

    1. Thanks Susan I’m glad you enjoyed it.. AND replacing a ceiling fan is on our list of stuff to do !!! I may have to give you a

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