life without The Voice

images (2)Saving money on hooking up with all the internet stuff needed to keep in touch while down south is expensive. Sooooo.. I invested some hard cash on some really smart TVs so I wouldn’t need cable or satellite but just my computer to watch my favorite shows.untitled (30)

Trouble with smart TV is..  you need some ‘smarts’ to figure it out. Well enter ‘The Geek Squad’ to announce that my purchase of smart TVs was not so smart after all. Wrong TVs for my internet connection that I want to do.

I have a love hate relationship with all these gadgets and techie stuff… sometimes it is sooooo frustrating, then along comes someone (usually a three year old), and clicks a few buttons and voilà’ it works! You need to follow up immediately and do it again at least a hundred times so you remember it! Ok.. now where was I?

images46WOFSYIuntitled (28)Turns out sales person (the one that sold them to me) wasn’t so smart either. She did end up hooking me up with the right ones and although the cost was higher she absorbed that difference, threw in the keyboard and even gave me a rebate. I love BEST BUY ! The customer service is second to none. Melissa also hooked me up to Hulu and tried to get me onto Netflix. Seems like Netflix will not accept a Canadian postal code on my credit card, darn!

See the trouble with living in a foreign country is that .. well.. your money and banking and credit cards are not compatible. Try cashing a Canadian check here.. omg.. it won’t even happen so don’t bother! I have no idea why my credit cards don’t work .. my debit card works everywhere in the world (that I have been so far..)  except Cuba!imagesNASIU182

So off I go to the Bank of Arizona to set up an American bank account. Now you would think this would be a fairly easy thing to do, but you would be wrong. What should be a maybe 20 minute transaction took well over an hour and longer.  I needed to not only answer teller clerks questionnaire  but then I needed to be grilled by someone over the phone ( Homeland Security?) and finally I had to give up my firstborn! …. whew….imagesD6ZLERK2

Ok.. so imagesYIJJVESHGeek Squad comes back and hooks up everything I need..  he also shows me what I need to do for the TV internet part, ok good so far. He leaves and I watch missing episodes of the voice on Hulu (don’t ask..  I’m still not sure what that is). Seems we are still at eliminations on The Voice.. YES .. I am a happy camper!images (59)

Next night I get brave and decide to stream the news onto my TV with my new keyboard and internet savy .. Everything goes well enough but I can’t seem to get the live part just the reading part. I want to see it and hear it not just read it!.. dam.. what now? If I wanted to read it I would buy a newspaper? Well those are limited here and certainly not the foreign news (Canadian).

Well where the heck is that three year old when you need em? Not in a seniors park that’s images1X6BVOMXfor sure. So I give up and go to the pool which is where girlfriend and I end up most nights (hint: no TV distractions). Ah well I still have Hulu or so I thought.. until they spotted something wrong with my loaded credit card (because they wouldn’t take a regular card.. Melissa at Best Buy loaded a blank one for me so it would have a real zip code.. hah!)

Well I lost Hulu and I now have a loaded card that no one will take for some inexplicable reason. But wait.. Netflix decided to give me a chance.. well, I am not holding my breath! Upshot is.. I am not getting my ‘Voice’ fix.. !

Mondays and Tuesdays has me peeking into neighbors windows and hoping for a glimpse of my favorite show.. Sundays sees me pouting because I can’t watch The Good Wife and Madam Secretary !!imagesGSWPZ29U

untitled (33)Did I mention all the money I spent on smart TVs and fast internet hookups (turbo speed for live streaming video for tech savy people… hah!)? Oh ya.. Geek Squad wasn’t free either, Geeze! Turns out I was not as smart as I thought I was. I coulda had cheap TVs and cable for a gazillion years for what I have spent trying to save a few bucks and thinking I was smarter than a three year old.

I am saving so much money on all these deals ..I am slowly going broke.. to my kids (if you are reading this) having a great time .. please send money..

Thank god it is Friday , I am not missing anything.