online dating exposed


Hello beautiful, I loved your profile and this is my last day on this site. I would love to hear from you, my phone number is 306 456 7891 my email is please call me or shoot me an email. His pictures are really nice and he did have a local area code. Sometimes I lead them on, but not today. First off any man that starts out with ‘Hi Beautiful’ delete them right away. Is there a manual for scammers that say always start a new online conversation with “hi beautiful?”

Another dead giveaway is that they live in your city now but work on an oil rig on the east coast. At least it is in Canada, and they are using local numbers. Why do we fall for this crap, hook line, and sinker.. ahhh that’s why they call it POF plenty of fish and yes I too have been taken in with this. I’m only admitting it because I was new to the game, and I didn’t get burned too badly, other than my ego. I have never met so many liars as I did on the POF site. We need to protect ourselves from the sharks that prey on vulnerable women.

We are newly minted singles, for me, that was a long time ago, we are fragile and wondering if we will ever love again. We’re searching to find that one man that will love and appreciate how special we really are. The POF site is full of men looking for love, the sexual kind, to augment what they are getting very little of in their marriage. Guess what.. once I found out what a scumbag you were, I wouldn’t want to sleep with you either! I pitied your poor wife, the one that called me and asked if I had been on a trip with you. That was awkward, and when she informed me you had two other girls as well everything fell into place for me. The secretive texting and why I couldn’t visit you, the lies, and deceit all fell into place.

This was a lesson I needed to learn. For all you gals out there new to this online dating, here are a few tips from someone that has made all the mistakes, and even recently, I almost got sucked in again.

Rules for dating sites (these are my rules for me)

  1. Always get the first name on the first few correspondences.
  2. Never give out your full name or phone number or email … ever! (well, see rule #6)
  3. When you feel comfortable with meeting him, get his full name and home address first. This is the most important part, married men will never give out a home address or landline phone.
  4. Get his phone number.. remember the full name and address first, this is more important. Don’t phone him though, unless you want him to have your number.
  5. Always google his name. See if the home address and phone number match up. Some other interesting stuff can pop up on here too, like maybe his obituary, I know, but it happens.
  6. If he insists on your info too, only give him a cell number (you can always block his, if things don’t go smoothly) this is only my opinion remember. Always follow your gut instincts.
  7. Meet in a public place, this is a no-brainer. I don’t usually take anyone with me or have someone close by, but it is an option. It doesn’t hurt to carry scissors in your purse (I am a retired hairstylist) if nothing else you can cut away that terrible facial hair so you can get a good look at him.. just saying.
  8. Try to be comfortable, it’s really awkward I know and I always visualize the worst-case scenario, I pretend they are an ax murderer and go from there .. it helps.
  9. Never sleep with them on a first date, ok so I also learned this the hard way, and only because of that one time it worked out so well for me.. but the rule of thumb is three dates. (there is really no rule of thumb here, I just made that up you are now on your own).
  10. Check him out on Facebook if you feel so inclined, I only do that if I am really interested. Men don’t usually have much on Facebook. May as well check out his vehicle, it can’t hurt, what if he is riding a bicycle and wants to put you on the handlebars, just saying.

So there you have some pointers. I have a lot of stories, but my kids read my blog and I already make their eyes bleed with some of the stuff I share. Also, take note those pictures they put up are 10 years old, and every single one of them likes moonlight walks down by the river, seriously? And if my picture looks younger than me well.. deal with it. lol

We are all looking for love and some one special, and if you just want sex, well that’s available too. Just remember to make good choices and always be true to yourself. Never let a man disrespect you, ever. Widowers are top of my list, I’ll let you figure that one out. I’m a sucker for humour and a great smile, and I like tall guys.

Drinkers, men with anger issues, and Virgos in that order, do not make it to the meeting stage. Guys that like hugging and kissing and holding hands get priority.

Well that’s it I’m done. Don’t get discouraged, it takes a lot of time and I’ve only had two dates in the last 8 months. I am just too dam picky now. Remember if it’s too good to be true don’t even waste your time unless you are bored, then have some fun with it and see where it ends up.

You are worth everything to the right person and he’ll be one lucky guy if he finds you.  Hopefully, before you’re old and dead. Ok, so that wasn’t very funny, only because I’m getting older by the minute.

the end

oh.. and yes, I am still looking.

copyright August 2020