The time has come for me to make some choices in my life. A gf on Facebook was deciding if she should move from a small town into the city for her girls, to make it easier for them to commute to university. I also have a decision I may have to make.. it will also be tough. This virus isn’t helping me, but it hasn’t killed me yet either, so there’s that. What it’s doing is making us all change our lives around to accommodate a new way of life. Some are just waiting it out while others are going about their essential jobs and making the necessary adjustments. Some are suffering and finding they really have to make tough decisions.

I am retired, a senior, and I get a check regardless, living on it is a challenge but I’m not here to whine. A lot of seniors travel south to get away from the cold winters, those that can afford it. I’m fortunate to be one of those, I hate winters here, BUT.. maybe changing my attitude will be necessary in the not too distant future. We have become accustomed to having it all, we are a ‘have’ society. We can take vacations to Cuba or the Dominican or Mexico or Hawaii or Florida.. well you get the picture. Cruises are also very popular and the cruising industry was going strong, thriving and building bigger and better ships.. then nothing! Zero, nada.. and I’m not gonna lie, but I’m pretty sure my cruising days are over or behind me. Going south to the States, for many of us was our escape from the cold winters here.

For most we don’t have our whole lives ahead of us, the bulk isĀ in our rear view mirrors, if you will. Those younger have the luxury of time to see how all this will affect the future. They will be witness to the changes that will shape our world going forward. They will be the ones dealing with viruses that will linger, evolve and mutate, as well as new ones that will surely try to thin us out. My own personal challenge is accepting this new reality, what do I need to do or know, moving forward?

I like to read everything I can to help me get a grip on what is to come.. I see a lot of doubt about a quick turnaround. Most medical professionals on this virus are predicting two to three years before we can get to some kind of normalcy again. I tend to agree with them. A virus that has effectively brought the world to its knees is not about to disappear quietly with-out a fight, is my theory. So here I am, re-evaluating my life.

My first and foremost decision is my place in Arizona, what am I going to do with it? My kids want me to sell but they don’t understand that I am not just selling a property.. I am selling a part of my life. I love going south to my place there, and love all my friends there as well. This winter living in the south has been part of my reality for the last six years.

The sad truth though, is that America will obviously be last in the world to get this virus under control. The worst part is that they still don’t have a country wide cohesive plan to tackle it, how can I feel safe travelling there again? Unfortunately for most of us that live in Canada, we will not be willing to put our life at risk to travel stateside anytime soon. One year may be ok, but I feel that this may be a little too optimistic. We may be looking at 2 to 3 years yet, until travelling to other countries is safe.

I think a lot of us may be looking to escape to beautiful British Columbia, I’m thinking about it. Maybe over to Vancouver Island, where the temperatures are fairly decent in the winters. I’d also like to explore more of Canada especially Quebec, maybe not in the winter months though. My blog today is about choices and changes, where do I go from here? I’m still trying to suck it up that I can’t go to my place in Arizona. BUT my bigger challenge is changing my attitude towards winter brrrrrr…..

We need to start looking at staycations in our own country and provinces. Lets get excited about snow and ice and winter wonderlands .. ya.. I know, me neither.. shit! This is gonna take a hard sell for me, I’m shivering just thinking about it. I know nothing is impossible, but damn this is a big shift in attitude for a lot of us. As I sit here somewhat dejected, my mind is starting to wander to fun things to do in the winter. A big bonfire and wiener roast is one of those, in a clearing by the lake. I can already picture it, you haven’t lived until you’ve had a wiener roast in -20 temps in the snow covered landscape, with a full moon and a hot toddy in hand. An impromptu hockey game is taking place on the freshly cleared ice. Snowmobiles are lined up around the clearing. brrrrrrrr

Christmas this year is going to be so special.. for all of us. We can finally sit back and enjoy the holiday like we never have before. We will not be missing any of our favorite people, because they can’t go anywhere else.. isn’t that awesome? Sure it is .. work with me here.

I got a new attitude… well.. I’m working on it, kinda..

It’ll be fun they said..