it’s the little things .. that really matter


It’s the little things that make us happy. Coming home and finding my kids had surprised me with a visit made me so happy I did the ‘ugly cry’. I really was missing them but had to keep telling myself.. especially over Xmas..  that this too shall pass.

imagesCC8H123YWhy do we get so emotional when we see them? Lord knows they gave us enough grief raising them and when they do the eye-roll at us …well.. but we forgive them everything. I just want to keep hugging them to me and never let go.

It is really a timely visit as well because the list of things needing attention at my place is not pretty. How lucky some of us are to have children that are thoughtful and caring. I count my blessings everyday for my kids .. and for the grandkids as well.

I know they have their own lives to lead and we shouldn’t expect them to be in ours all the time. Sometimes I feel they are imagesV98F6R2Gjust doing the obligatory visit and putting in time.. and I guess they are but I don’t care! I need to see them and sometimes .. just sometimes..I am glad to see them go as well.

See.. they have their own ideas on how I should be living my life.. and maybe it annoys me, same as I annoy them. Being the Elder and Wise One.. should have them hanging on my every word of advice.. don’t you think? Ah well..and this too shall pass..

My son is not one to sit still and needs to be doing something and lord knows I have lots of ‘man things’ that need attention. My golf cart has had me running in circles because I’ve tried to ‘fix it’ but got conflicting views on what it needs. Number one son and two batteries later and I am doing wheelies all around the park! Woohoo….

images0F89PNTJRope lights strung up around my carport and the motion detector light adjusted and I am in the dark no more when I get home late.. what a relief that is. All the stuff on this side of the house for the big ‘Park’ yard sale is moved to the other side where it should be and the accumulating cardboard boxes and garbage is history.

I am now the proud owner of a ‘real drill’ not a girlie drill like my girlfriend has and ‘real tools’ that I have already used to help with the repairs (ok so I took down two curtain rod holders.. loll).Who knew I could get so excited over tools? wow.. this is even better than I expected.

imagesYKW8W5T1 Meanwhile my daughter-in-law has ‘organized’ my dilemmas in the kitchen and the pantry. I know it sounds like small stuff but tearing out a whole row of overhead cupboards really caused me a lot of consternation on where to put my dishes and even my coffee stuff?

Who ever thought a person could get warm fuzzies from a well organized kitchen? Well I did and I love it and I love her for doing this for me. It is just easier to find stuff  and you know… I WILL keep it this way .. hopefully ..

My kitchen light (I bought a new one months ago) is switched out and my son even re-arranged my living room.(and… and.. I think I am going to leave it that way.. what a nice surprise) I put the lamps that my daughter-in-law really hated imagesMO5IAIWXinto the garage sale pile (until she leaves .. hmmm).

Yes this has been one of my best days down here and I thought they were all good..  well a little sad over Christmas..  I guess.

As we age a lot of stuff just doesn’t matter anymore .. but our kids always will. A call here and there from them is enough to lift our spirits .. even if it is just the obligatory call.

Sometimes..  it is just the little things…..


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  1. Hope a phone call and text from me brightens your day a little at least 🙂 Just kidding, always heart warming when you hear form the kids/grandkids.

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