comment on Nanas morning rant (from my ‘go to’ guy on world affairs…)

images8JGTTPYPJust wanted to share what my friends thoughts were on this crazy chaos that is happening out there in the world. AND need I say.. we are all very impressed by the solidarity march by the French …WOW !!


the world is descending into a bit of chaos right now.. the big central powerful governments are slowly losing control.. we will be ok in North America…  well.. unless we have the personal bad luck of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. That’s the old get hit by a beer truck scenario.. and we are certainly accustomed to that.

All we can do is very much like those French guys.. get out and show these idiots that they haven’t affected the way we live…  do you know the “keep calm and carry on” logo?  well that was invented after the bombings in London a few years back.. and I think it sums up how we should approach these Waco’s.. life is a roll of the dice .. every day.. eventually we roll craps.. but until then we’ll do like you do .. celebrate life and have adventures..