Nana plays with her food.. recipe for a divine intervention .. this dessert is killer good!!









 Divine intervention .. dessert (only we know when we need it)

This is so divine out of the oven, but if you can manage to not eat it all, put it in the fridge overnight. The angel of deliciousness visits it, lifts it to another level, called ‘heaven’.

  you will need:

 Pillsbury crescent rolls.. two containers 

Philadelphia crème cheese.. two  8oz pkgs

sugar 1 1/2 cups (could be too much)

vanilla 1 tsp. (I forgot the vanilla once .. it was still good)

 1/2 cup of melted butter (I think this is way too much as well)

* Honey .. lots of honey and sliced almonds, lots.. (so ok.. these two ingredients are optional)

I love almonds and the honey disappears somewhere, I still can’t figure that out.

mix the 2 packages of cheese (brand name is easier to get out of those foil packets) and 1 cup of sugar and vanilla together (if the cheese is too hard I will soften it a bit in the micro-wave.. no big deal, but don’t forget about it!)

mix the rest of the sugar with one tablespoon of the ground cinnamon set aside for the topping.

ok here is the tricky part.. getting the crescent roll dough out, all in one piece! I put it on parchment paper and put it in a baking dish to fit its shape. As you can see.. I am not going to get technical here.. you will figure it out, we are not men. Please, if you use a knife, non-brand names are harder to get out of that dam can, be careful!

spoon the cheese mixture on top of laid out perfect dough .. lol (I know you had to squish some seams together that came apart)

here comes the hardest part, getting the second sheet out of the can in one piece and rolling it onto the top of the cheese mixture

If you made it this far without wanting to stick needles in your eyes, then congratulations .. the rest is easy!

melt the half cup of butter (or less if you prefer .. and I do less) pour it over the top, now sprinkle the cinnamon sugar evenly over that (you can use less sugar if you prefer, and I do)

NOW if you have sliced almonds sprinkle those on top.. omg.. as much as you want.. I love almonds!

bake this in a 350 degree oven for about 30 minutes or more .. center should be non doughy (I know.. figure it out). When it comes out hot..  drizzle honey all over it, it will disappear and adds something special to it.

Ok.. for those of you that have no will power, you will need to get a hotel room overnight so you don’t eat it! It is worth the money for that angel to come and make that dessert ‘heavenly’. Don’t forget to hide it way back in the fridge and eat it gleefully and hoard it selfishly.. your welcome :  )



FYI ..This dessert comes from Mexico and is called ‘sopapilla’ you can find it

on the Pillsbury website.