my home and native land..

The news is full of stories about the fires up north and the first nations peoples being displaced to safer places. On Facebook is the rumblings of discontent with them being housed in the Saskatoon Soccer Center. Seems the area is suffering from trash, noise, drunken behavior and thefts.

I read all the comments about them being coddled, privileged and disrespectful of the assistance given. I flashed back to the little girl sitting on the curb being interviewed by the CBC crew.. she said “the roads hurt my feet”. It occurred to me that they didn’t have paved roads where she was from.

We all have our prejudices and I struggle with mine.. the point is, how are these people any different from the ones being displaced by flooding down in Texas? Maybe because they haven’t lost their homes yet? Does Texas have to deal with trash, noise, drunken behavior by some, and thefts?

The comments are very negative and the call to have politicians ‘fix it’ is loud and clear. This got me to thinking, why is it we always call on the police or politicians to ‘fix it’ if something disrupts our bubble of comfort?

Maybe the solution lies with us .. instead of being a part of a bad story, why not rewrite the story? These people are no different from us, but for circumstance we could be them! Why not get together as a community and see what we can do to humanize the situation.

Invite a family to supper.. take a break and some cards over and get a game of cribbage or something going. See if someone needs to go shopping. Befriend even one person, they are a community too. We need to build bridges of respect .. here is an opportunity waiting to happen…