More postcards from the lake

office on my deckThis cabin of mine, on the lake, sucks me in every time. Here on the deck sipping my coffee, the loons and birds piping out random musical notes, lulls me into nirvana. Well the beaver that just made it’s way across the front of my place broke that spell.. that b&#*#@% better leave my trees alone!

Ok.. now where was I? Nirvana.. it is Monday morning and the week-end crowd is gone. The sun is out and the wind has died down.. isn’t that always the case? You can always count on a beautiful Monday after a crappy weather week-end .

Monday mornings are new beginnings but here they are just another day for me. They always start out with coffee on the deck.. I take a deep breath of fresh lake air and think for the umpteenth time.. wow.. how can I get some revenue flowing so I can keep this up?imagesMEK7BKAK

My thoughts, invariably, then turn to my children, they have cabins here also. They are not so lucky, the catering business runs their lives. It used to run my life as well, but not anymore, and I have very mixed feelings about that now.

The catering business is all consuming and encompasses and encroaches into every aspect of your life. Most people do not understand this but anyone in the food business knows all to well.

Firefly appetizer
Firefly appetizer

It is times like right now that I feel bad about the path they have chosen, even though I did so myself. At what cost I wonder.. and will they regret the huge amounts of their life that they are sacrificing for that next big event?

A real job gives you regular work hours and regular days off and regular holidays.. sick time and stability. The catering business is the anti-real jobs. It is past the middle of July and my kids have made it up here only twice?

There were years in the catering business we didn’t even put the boat into the water. When I was in the hairstyling business we lived here at the lake. The kids were weaned here and we spent every weekend and holidays on the water or snowmobiling in the winter.

Ok now where was I.. oh right, nirvana! We need to do everything in moderation. The exception is making love.. do that to your hearts content.. or at least until one of you gets a (4)

I really should go back into the city and work on my inventions, I really am going to need some cash flow, but somehow the urge is not there. Why don’t we just pay attention to what we really want to do?  Well making love is not a full time job.. and what a pity that is. Well I am in between love trysts right now anyway.

Yeh.. I know some of us need to work and I will to as well, as soon as my pension check runs out. Well.. that and my savings.. and well.. my rrsps.. hmmm. I should have paid more attention to saving money considering my spending habits.

images (126)This lake thing is a great gig and when I’m here nothing seems so important that it can’t wait. I breath in deeply and count my blessings and then my thoughts turn to money .. and how easily it disappears.

Contributing to revenue Canada (those rrsps cost money to cash out) and developing my inventions to bring to market and well ok.. all my travelling, makes money disappear, just like that! Nirvana seems to be draining my resources ..hmmm

ah well.. another deep breath of this fresh lake air and a sip of coffee.. now where was I? Seeing the world has also been my agenda these last few years. Keeping a journal of my travels was how I started my blogging.. check out my travel blogs.

From England to Italy to Egypt .. I recorded it all and my impressions of each of these places and the people we met. I have a girlfriend that travels with me, her hubby is not a traveler.  imagesNR7DAVUF

Our next trip takes us to Singapore, Hong Kong,  Australia and some more Asian countries. All this costs money .. darn.. although we did get some really good deals. I wonder if I could teach fruit and vegetable carving on this cruise?

A  fellow caterer encouraged me to follow my passion.. he inspired me. This blog will probably never make a cent (some lucky few do get sponsor’s and do make money at doing this) but I love to write and even if no one reads this I just need to do it anyway. (thank you Roy)

images (3)Lake life agrees with me and why shouldn’t it .. I have catered to everyone else all my life and now I am catering to myself.  It is costing me a lot of money though, I don’t come cheap .. I may have to get a part time job .. oh right.. my inventions!

Get ready world I have invented something everyone needs! … please send money..

ok here is an update from this time last year when I wrote this .. MY invention is on the market check it out see link!