“it’ll be easy”… he said (visions of men in hard hats cloud my judgment)

imagesMUHGTBNJCatering large events is now out of my system.. thank goodness for that. Three days later and my body is still begging for drugs, the over-the-counter ones, although I won’t turn down the under-counter ones if offered.

“It’ll be easy” he said ! My son put out the call for extra help for a big event, feeding 2,500 guests lunch at a mining site under construction. The prospects of all those men in hardhats was irresistible (I am single again and there is a reason ‘plenty of fish’ is such a big pond).

“You only have to pass out plates and buns”  explained my son. Well I could have a lot of fun passing out buns to all those guys, I am personable and use humor a lot “nice buns here”.. well you get the picture. I even talked my cousin into working.. “it’ll be fun”, I said.images9BPCKOHT

Selling this catering business to my kids (they wanted it.. this is not a business for the faint of heart) was not an easy transference  for me. It took me a long time to get over not being the boss, actually I never did get over it, so I had to retire .. lol

The kids call me up once in awhile (when they are desperate..). The last time I worked a big mine site job for them I vowed it would be my last.

I worked kitchen duty.. filling  those big bowls of potatoe salad and pasta salad on counters that were built for tall people. I think men build these trailers for themselves .. six feet tall men! Why I didn’t pick doing the Caesar salad is my own fault.. much lighter to handle!

thUUX1VW7USad to say I turned into one of those workers we all hate to work with .. you know .. the ones that are whiny and complaining and won’t shut up? Yep..  I was unstoppable.. the more I sweated and hurt the more I whined, but I knew enough that I couldn’t slow down .. take a break or kill myself .. until everyone was fed.

That event turned out to be my  ‘aha moment’ I am just getting too old for this. I am not sexist but that particular job needs a strong man (a tall one) and not an older short woman… and a whiny one to boot!

Now where was I ..oh right.. we leave bright and early 6:00 am from the catering kitchen, forming a convoy of three cargo vans filled with people. We also have a mini van with staff and cookies and chips (which turned out to be my breakfast), always pick the van that has the dessert … just sayin.

Lets see.. a one ton pulling a kitchen trailer and a reefer tuck with all the salads, burgers .. and..  all the rest of the food. The drive was two hours.. a bag of Cheetos, ketchup chips and a cookie later. Oh.. and a pit stop halfway for all the morning coffee drinkers.

A mandatory orientation and sign in and it was 9:00 am before we actually hit the serving area. Well, all is good except for the fact that this site doesn’t allow our summer students under the age of 18yrs to be on site.


My son informs me while we are at the pit stop that I will be working the ‘kitchen’ on salad duty.. instead of the easy job I had singed on for..wtf? Turns out the office staff on site will be on ‘bun and plate’ duty, having not given our company enough noticeto hire more staff.

Well needless to say I did not have a cyanide capsule with me and the knives are never sharp enough to do much damage.. so I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. ahhhh… “I’ll do the Caesar salad !” I say quickly enough so I’m not stuck with the potatoe and pasta!

Well just my luck this is the one of those few jobs that are not having Caesar salad.. really??

imagesKIIYO6DMThey put myself, my cousin and another ‘old gal’ to work the kitchen and it was tough going.. but we kept up (refilling  the pickles and condiments as well .. six food lines btw). Oh.. and we got them all through in less than 45 minutes.. this is with serving their burgers hot off the grill!

To make a long story short it has been three days since this job and I think today I will finally be drug free.. those counters are a killer plus all the heavy lifting.

Would I have worked knowing I had to do the kitchen? Not a chance .. but.. if my kids need me, then of course I am there but you will have to put up with my whining .. I can’t help it.

Just a little footnote here.. as my daughter is picking up the salad bowls on the way to the food lines, she is muttering under her breath .. “lets start a little catering business”…” it’ll be fun she said”  ah.. the circle of life..