not everything is recordable on a device.. these I take with me

imagesNB1FILUJI’ll never forget that one morning, upon waking..  feeling you all warm and snuggly beside me, you turned to me and looked into my eyes.. leaned in and kissed me so tenderly I thought my heart would surely melt

a concert .. Beatles tribute.. you moved in closer and whisper sang the words of their iconic songs.. into my ear.. I have long forgotten the words but not your loving gesture

the car trip in Newfoundland.. an almost deserted country road by the ocean, I spied a picture perfect ‘Kodak moment’ but we drove past and it was lost .. my lament made you stop, back up and say “take all the time you need” ..  that imprint is on my soul

forgetting my purse, you went back to collect it from our room, walking back towards me swinging it nonchalantly with a silly grin on your face, it replays in my head.. a video recorded in love

supper that last night in New Orleans…the gorgeous dining room in that iconic hotel.. you tenderly took my hand, looked into my eyes and said something dumb.. but I knew I had your full attention and I felt so special…

remember our bicycle ride last summer, when you lost your 1000 dollar glasses because you wanted to look cool.. hanging them onto the neck of your tshirt ? we retraced our path and there in the road lay the crumpled glasses .. you never once let it spoil our precious time together..

always bringing me morning coffee.. “are you on or off sugar today?” with a smile and a kiss..

stolen kisses when ‘who cares’ is watching.. holding hands .. and leaning down to kiss me for no other reason than just wanting to feel my lips on yours..

these moments have been captured and recorded in my heart ..