I want to live until I die..

imagesPLSH29GGMy time is coming to an end .. not my life.. although I am also aware that too, is in short supply. Yuma Az becomes my nesting grounds when it is minus forty back in Canada. I like it here very much. The sun, the weather the people and the pool.. are a big part of my reluctance to leave.

The gated park I live in, is in the middle of the city and I am close to everything.  Movies are five bucks.. popcorn 7.00 (keep your bag for next time to get a refill.. only one though because they marker it with a big X second time around). Mexico is five minutes away and those Micheal Kors purses beckon me.

What’s not to love about having coffee on the patio each morning while I write my blog or read the images (19)paper. There are no mosquitos.. the flies are only just now starting to appear, but although annoying, I’ll take them over mosquitos any day.

I remember my brother asking “what do you do there.. with all those old people?”  That was at least 10 years ago. I told him we go there to lay around and wait to die.

imagesMNHY1A8KHe goes south now as well.. I am sorely tempted to call him up and ask him what he does where he goes? We don’t see much of each other.. he is missing out on so much fun sisterly camaraderie. I miss him and his kids and wish we could be closer.. but we aren’t.

Well I just looked at my calendar and seen a baked potato lunch at the clubhouse today and panicked, thinking “what topping am I going to take?” I took a closer look and realized aaaahhhhh .. that was last months calendar.. whew.

Truth is I try to participate in most activities that go on here but sometimes I forget. (that’s why we have a calendar.. but the thing is, we do need to check it once in awhile..)

imagesH3SPHK76Finding stuff to do is not a problem.. finding down time is. I quit aqua size in the mornings because it interfered with my writing. I would just get into it or trying to finish it up and here comes the gal from down the street in her golf cart, aqua-fit time.. dam!

The pool time is afternoons now.. but even that is getting jeopardized by activities. Yesterday I never even made it to the pool, I barely made it home in time to watch Madam Secretary and The Good wife! Shopping at Ross stores and 1/2 price Goodwill, takes patience and is time consuming..

The darn pool closes at 9:30pm which is way to early for me.. most pools stay open until 11:00pm. (the pool in my condo opens at 6:00 am and closes at 11:00pm). Ours is heated and doesn’t everyone love a trip to the hot tub in the evenings (well.. just me and my girlfriend it seems).thI7QQ9BQG

Our park manager was pretty rude about us being in there last week when it was supposed to be closing time. I had the audacity to question why it couldn’t stay open later? We all have a key to the pool and it is a gated adult community after-all.

images (127)He actually yelled at me “that’s the way it’s always been and always will be and it will never .. ever change!!!” I really take offence at someone yelling at me.. it is not necessary, I’m not deaf.. yet. He offends a lot of people though, so I am not special. I am hoping to get the hours changed.. I love going to the pool in the evenings.

The thing is .. life is what you make of it, wherever you are. I refused to let him spoil my joy of the evening hot tub soak..  I am surprised at his dis-respect though, for those of us that live here. I’ll file a complaint and maybe something will come of it, if not .. ah well, I’d still rather be here than live anywhere else..

Meeting new people and making friends, getting out everyday.. takes effort, and we should do that when we settle into new surroundings. It feels like home here and it is hard for me to leave. Over sixty percent living here year round must agree with me.imagesR4GOLLK0

What do I do here everyday.. hmm.. I very seldom watch TV (so ok.. these two shows on Sunday ) oh.. and the The Voice captures my attention. They are starting to drag it out too long though and it’s cutting into my Pinochle cards night. (pinochle is the anti-card game btw)

untitled (28)There’s a ham slider lunch Thursday and crafts day is tomorrow. Breakfast at Copper Miners on Saturday 7:30 am is way too early for me. Well every Friday morning free coffee and donuts at the clubhouse fails to roust me out of my comfort zone at 7:00 am .. really, the birds are still sleeping! The 10:00 am brunch is much more suitable and at a civilized hour.

Truth is home is where we make it and adapting to my surroundings comes easily for me. This adults only park and my ‘Parkie’ friends are my stepping stone and introduction eventually..  into the old folks home.

This is a distinct possibility.. my kids are not enthusiastic about my living with them in my old age. I’m not either.. they probably wouldn’t even allow me a friend sleep-over once in awhile (wink.. wink..).. bah humbug!images (25)

… and the best part about my age is.. it is never too late to go back to bed.. (wink wink)



my age


my joy 


into folds ..

like a warm snugly blanket.

life for me


feels like



slow motion.