irreconcilable differences.. ‘Gym’ and I are done!

imagesLLZV2MFHI knew when I made the commitment that this might.. just might.. end badly, or should I say I had high hopes for this relationship? To drive a motorcycle requires some upper arm strength and working out in the gym was the logical place to start. So ended my New Years resolution to never enter another gym.

Most people make resolutions to go to a gym .. not me, I put the nail in that coffin this past New Years. A new goal has taken shape in my head.. to ride and maybe own my own motorcycle.. nothing fancy, just a low rider Harley or equivalent. Borrowing my sons is also an option for me .. maybe not for him though..hmmm.

Seems like everyone has a bike or had one or wants one. It is a resurgence of sorts .. even I owned a Harley (passenger only) but the ex got custody of it in the divorce. Why now, you may wonder.. but why not now.. I am thinking. Sure I know the statistics, motorcycle accidents are the number one killer of people over 50yrs of age.imagesNI33BZ0M

I am  going to die anyway.. why not on a motorcycle? This is one way to defy death.. head on. That the big bikes are now sporting training wheels (Trikes) is a sign of the times. I don’t want a trike though.. I think they just look stupid, get a corvette or buy a convertible. Seriously now.. given a choice between a trike and a golf cart.. I pick the golf cart!

images (66)This led me to biting the bullet and joining a gym.. needing to gain some strength so I can handle a big bike. I had started a new journey into eating healthier and working out more.. before the gym thing. The progress I was making really did my heart good and my body as well. I was losing weight and dropped a couple dress sizes, moving more and eating less.

The gym was clean and nice and not intimidating in the least. Not knowing how to use some of the equipment (well.. most of it) didn’t deter me either. The treadmill is a no brainer as is the bike. The elliptical has come a long way since I last used one, but it still tried to kill me! The most I ever managed on it was five minutes..  but in that five minutes I swear I felt death lurking .

An unexpected bonus..  a plethora of older men using the gym in the mornings.. surely they couldn’t all be married? The other bonus was the muscled younger guys working out, which made walking that boring treadmill that much more fascinating. I started packing an extra lipstick to keep my lips moist.images (62)

Getting the first week under my belt, I was excited to see my weight loss.. which turned out to be a big fat zero! hmmmm.. Well maybe I gained some muscle which is why I was there anyway .. right? True I was eating more .. well all that exercising was making me hungry.

The second week was ok but .. the more I worked-out the hungrier I got, which seemed to last all day! I started eating a little bread here, some pasta there. I had been staying away from bread, pastas and sweets as well as sugar for over a month, but now I was starting to crave these things.

images4HGR5X2YSecond weeks weigh-in was the same and maybe even inched up a pound! All incentive was lost on that second weigh in.. I had worked so hard! I started to skip a day .. then two.. then the whole week end turned into a week. Not a single day went by that I didn’t feel guilty if I didn’t make it to the gym!!!

Along with the guilt came food to assuage it. Here I am losing weight and feeling great .. changing my eating habits and thinking “Hey I can do this!” Enter ‘GYM’ .. I quit losing weight, I am hungry all the time and if I hated going there, well not going made me hate myself even more.

My solution is simple.. I need to divorce ‘Gym’ and take back sole custody of myself. The pool was always my soul mate anyway and everyday spent there brings me such pleasure. I set myself up for failure right off the bat.. I never cared for Gym much anyway.. its just that everyone else liked him and said he was so cool.. really?images (63)

I am putting away my lipstick and turning in my key .. two days early (I joined for a month). I want to stand up and shout.. ” Gym is NOT for everyone!” I am swallowing my pride (we all need to find our own niche) I am getting back on track, Day One! I know we have all heard this before .. “Pick something we LIKE doing.”

images4SVLEXZMMake sure it is legal, if you LIKE it you’ll keep doing it.. if you have someone to share your journey with, well good for you. If you don’t..  well go to Home Depot and stand in the lumber aisles and wear something cute, it is a man hive, you could get lucky.. now where was I?