Memories are made of this.. this went sideways somehow

imagesx1gyq4qbNever turn down a invitation from your kids to dine out with them.. even if you just had a huge bowl of frosted flakes and they woke you from your self induced stupor/nap. This rainy miserable Sunday is perfect for eating sugar coated breakfast cereal before suppertime. Well it is also yummy at bedtime too… ok, so frosted flakes is my secret shame.

untitled-89“Sure, I’m not that hungry but I’ll meet you there in a half hour!” Once there, I order a ‘keg-sized’ Bellini, one of those frozen alcohol infused drinks with wine. If I’m not going to eat I may as well drink.. right? Well their keg-sized and my vision do not even come close..

images6xx4yzgnMy drink comes in a martini glass and the ice is piled high like ice cream … nice try ‘Keg Restaurants’ but maybe you should check out Saborossa up the street .. now they serve a true ‘keg sized’ Bellini, it is served in a fishbowl with a stem on it! They make the best Bellini’s I have had anywhere.. if I need a ride home after, well who cares

This drink is perfectly delicious, non the less, and I suck it up with such vigor, the brain freeze immediately following leaves me wishing I would have paced myself. My kids dive into the crab stuffed mushrooms appetizer, and try to figure out how to replicate them. This is what my son comes here for.. those stuffed mushrooms.

While we are visiting and enjoying our drinks, (I am pacing myself) a kid starts to howl a couple tables over. A few screams and howls later I say that maybe those people should have went to McDonalds.

imageshbu2elhvMy son gives me a look, you moms know what I am talking about. Do I need to say that spending a lot of money on an evening out at a nice restaurant should not be spoiled by howling kids?

I look back directly into his eyes and tell him that we did not EVER have to experience that with him and his sister. They knew that they would never come again if they behaved badly while we dined out.

This brought up another memory of when he was about two or three years old. We decided to go to a drive-in movie, they had their pajamas on, we had pillows, blankets and all the snacks. We settled in to watch the movie.. that is when my son started howling.

We did everything possible to try and quiet him and figure out what was wrong.. to no avail what so ever! We had no recourse but to put the speaker back into the cradle, start the car and make our way back home.imageszgff0l69

No sooner had we left the drive-in gates, the crying stopped and he settled down into his car seat and went to sleep. We, of course, were fit to be tied and decided we’d had enough as well, and didn’t go back.

My son looked at me across the table and said he was crying because he was hot. He looked to his wife beside him and explained to her about the material in his pajamas, they were that fuzzy sorta stuff and he had on a onesy with feet, it was blue with white piping.. and he was too hot!

imagesf4l5k21kTo say I am speechless is an understatement, he was exactly right and even if he has heard us tell this story before .. we never said what he was wearing. He goes on to say he remembers a lot of things. I immediately think back to that threat to throw him out the window (I said it to my ex.. not to him) but could he have heard?

We were camping in a trailer and every time I put him down to sleep he would howl. This was really getting late, I was so tired and at my wits end.. I looked at my ex (he was sitting there having a drink..) and I said that stupid thing. My ex made a derogatory remark about my mothering skills, and I threatened to throw him out as well.imagesnzpf497r

We all have actions or words we are not so proud of in hindsight .. at least I am thinking so. My poor baby, when I took him into the dr. next day.. had an ear infection. I felt like the worst mother in the world.. oh god I felt bad, well bad enough to never forget that stupid remark!

The ex of course was fond of retelling that story to everyone.. which really endeared me even more to his sorry ass..! I want to say this for all of you reading this, especially if my son or daughter is reading this.

images88ogbe99Back in those days we didn’t know about PMS .. it affects a lot of women in different ways. For myself, when I found out about these symptoms, that most women experience, it was like a light went on! These are actual hormonal changes in our bodies, they cause all sorts of crazy feelings inside of us.

There was a witch inside of me on these days and she was not the good one! My patience, good nature and giving attitude, was sideswiped by this awful creature that appeared for no reason.

That I finally understood what was happening to me was a godsend.. and I was able to placate that witch and tone her down somewhat, she loved chocolate. Whenever I got a chocolate craving I knew the witch was due.

She was the one responsible for saying those awful things. I really was a good mother and loved my kids unconditionally. I learned a lot in those years.. the good and the bad, we do our best and with knowledge comes power. I am still learning and will until I die.. of that much I am sure!